a finished cowl & other fun stuff

A third chunky circle scarf has joined the ranks of yarncrafted items in the front closet:

chunky circle scarf 3 1Yep, the pattern is good enough to make at least 3.  Granted, at least one will be a Christmas gift, but I don’t want to let go of this one because grey is my new favorite color.

chunky circle scarf 3 2This one was made with Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints, which is a fingering weight yarn.  The pattern calls for either 2 strands of worsted held together or chunky yarn, but I used the Navajo 3-ply technique to triple-strand the fingering weight yarn, making it suitable for this project.  I may do a tutorial on that if anybody is interested, so let me know!

Yesterday Chris and I went to the Renaissance Festival with a bunch of friends.  It was really fun, but I only got a few pictures.  My favorite is from the falconry show, where many raptors were brought out and flew across the audience.  This one is an eagle owl:

photo 4 (2)The friends we went with also gave me some yarn-related birthday presents which I thought I’d share with ya’ll (this is the same friend who made the yarn bowl for the giveaway).  A wonderful ball winder, which I have already used:

photo 2 (1)She also gave me a needle gauge and some needle holders, which should make things a lot easier!  Did you know that, while KnitPicks needles are my favorite, the interchangeable ones aren’t stamped with their size?  Now that’s not a problem!

photo 1 (1)After arriving home from our visit to the Renaissance Fair with our wonderful friends, we were getting out of the car and found this little girl outside with no tags:

photo 1 (3)She looks like a little pittie/lab mix, and she’s sweet as can be!  We asked around and I think she belongs to some neighbors we haven’t been able to catch at home yet, so she’s inside with us.  She’s not housebroken, she’s covered in fleas, and she was very nervous about being in a house with new people, but I pulled out the trundle bed and some washable pillows and blankets and slept with her last night.  She and our dog Zero are getting along fine, but if we have to keep her for the rest of the day we’re gonna have to give her a bath in Dawn dish soap (which kills fleas better than actual flea shampoo).  I hope she’s OK with water.

Well that’s about it for today, I think.  See you soon!






crochet “paintings”

The other day I saw these on Pinterest, pattern by Claire at Haken en Meer, and I had to make my own.  Now before you see the pictures, I must tell you that I am a complete novice at embroidery.  Just today I learned how to make french knots.  My technique is terrible, but for my first try I’m pretty pumped.  This is the leftover yarn from my afghan, posted previously.

a bird with a flower

Scottish thistle





umbrella in the rain

Now I just have to coat the back of them with something to make them keep their shape, attach a hanging device of some sort (perhaps just a loop of yarn), and hang them up!  I’m thinking in my bedroom, because there’s really nothing on the walls in there and it’s gloomy.

These are a little different than Claire’s — I used hdc for the circles instead of dc and tried to find embroidery patterns on the Internet.  A few of them came from here, and the others were just Google search results.

I hope you like them!  I have no idea what’s coming up soon — I’ll have to start something new!  See you soon!

Harry Potter madness!

So you guys already know that I love Harry Potter from the HP scarf patterns I put up a long time ago (here).  There’s new HP material up now, but the new stuff is knitted!  Click here to see 3 different hats Hermione wore during the movies, 1 scarf (pictured above), Neville’s sweater from the last movie, and even a large plushie Hedwig!  These are the most true-to-the-movies patterns out there that I could find that actually look good.

For my crocheting followers, I’m working on another baby blanket and should be done in a couple of weeks, so look out for that!  I also may try to find some crochet versions of the HP knitting patterns.

new owl pattern!

Remember him from my very first posts?  Well the pattern is available now — click here!  Hope you like it!

stuffed owl

I used the panda pattern that’s listed under the “online patterns” tab for this, only I changed the colors on the body at a different place and just made my own pattern for the ear tufts, eyes, and feet.  The black part of the eyes is felt.  Was going to add purple wings, but ran out of yarn.

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