alternative granny

crochet terms conversion chart

what you can do with them:

You obviously sew them together to make cushions, afghans, scarves, placemats, or whatever you want.  You can also continue the same square and make one giant  square for a giant single-square afghan or something like that!

how to do it:

Start either by making 4-6 chains and ss in first chain to form a ring, OR use the magic loop method, whichever you prefer.

Round 1: ch5, dc4:

Next, ch2, dc4, ch2, dc4, ch2, dc3,

Then, ss in 3rd ch.

Round 2: ss in the space of the corner (the 2 ch space):

Next, ch5,  dc2 in same sp:

Then, dc in each of next dcs:

In next corner space make 2dc, ch2, 2dc:

go around like this until you get to the end of the square:

then  make 1dc in the first corner space:

Finally, ss in 3rd ch:

Rounds 3+: repeat round 2 (you should have more dcs along the side of the row with each round you make):

And that’s it!  London Mummy did 3 rounds in color and the 4th round in a cream color, then stitched them together (I’m not sure which method she used for that — there are many available).


  1. Hi I really like your pattern page! It looks real nice and I like the way you write your patterns. Thank you for sharing your talent! I love to crochet.

    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady


  2. Opps wrong name, so sorry!


  3. That’s great, I wondered how to make the holey bits! 🙂


  4. Very clear pictures! Well done and thank you. I’ll have a go later on sometime and let you know….maybe I’ll show an alt GS completed my blog! TY for your efficiency…v impressive 🙂



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