flower stitch sampler granny square

I’m using US terms.

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 flower stitch sampler granny square

What you can do with them:

These would make great blankets, of course (from afghans to baby blankets), but you can also make scarves, hats, home decor, or anything you’d use any other granny square for!  This is also a great way to try out new stitches you might not have tried before!

flower stitch sampler granny square

How to do it:

Materials: G or H hook (the bright one in the photo was made with the G, and the purple-y one was made with the H) & 4 colors (referred to as colors A-D) of DK weight yarn.  Feel free to adapt this for any weight yarn w/ the appropriate hook size!

Special stitches used:

  • 2-dc cluster: begin making a regular dc st, but before you pull your last loop through to finish the stitch, begin another dc st in the same sp.  When it’s time to finish the 2nd dc, pull the loop through it as well as the unfinished 1st dc.
  • Puff stitch: yo, insert into sp you’re working into, yo & pull up loop to the height of your hook, yo, insert into same sp you’re working into, yo & upll up loop to the height of your hook, yo, pull through all 5 loops on hook.
  • Popcorn stitch: dc 4, loosen the loop on your hook and carefully remove the hook, and insert it from front to back through the top of the 1st dc.  Put the hook back through the working loop, and pull the loop through the top of the 1st dc.

flower stitch sampler granny square


Setup: w/ color A, ch 4, ss in 1st ch to form a ring

Rnd 1: ch 2, dc in the ring (counts as 1st cluster), ch 1, *make 1 2-dc cluster in the ring, ch 1, rep from * 4 more times, ss in 1st dc of the rnd, secure & tie off (total of 6 clusters)

Rnd 2: w/ color B, attach in any sp between the clusters of the previous row, ch 1.  Puff st in the same sp, ch 1, puff st in same sp, ch 1.  Continue putting 2 puff sts into each sp of the clusters below (each separated by 1 ch), ss in 1st puff st, secure & tie off (total of 12 puffs)

Rnd 3: w/ color C, attach in any sp between the puffs of the previous row and ch 3, dc 3 in same sp.  Treating the ch 3 as the 1st of 4 dcs, make a popcorn st, then ch 2.  Continue making a popcorn st in the space between each puff of the row below, separating them by 2 chs, until reaching the end.  After the last 2 ch, ss in 1st popcorn st, secure & tie off (total of 12 popcorns)

Rnd 4: w/ color D, attach in any sp between the popcorns of the previous row.  In that sp, ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), dc 2, ch 1, dc 3, ch 1.  This is a corner.  In the next sp, hdc 3, ch 1, & do this in the next sp as well.  In the next sp, make another corner.  Work in this way around until you’re back at the 1st corner, ss in 3rd ch, secure & tie off

Rnd 5: w/out changing colors, ch 1, sc in same sp, sc in each of next 2 sts.  In corner, sc 2, ch 1, sc 2.  Work 1 sc in each dc, hdc, & chain of the row below, working the corners as the first.  Complete the rnd in this way, ss in 1st sc, secure & tie off.  Weave in ends, and you’re done!

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