bobble stitch

I’m using US terms.

crochet terms conversion chartbobble4

what you can do with it:

This is another one-sided stitch, so keep it for projects where only one side is seen.

how to do it:

To do what I have done above, interspersing each bobble with a dc, ch any odd number +3.  Begin by working a dc into the 4th ch from the hook WITHOUT pulling the last loop through:

bobble1Into that same chain, work 2 more dcs, leaving both stitches unfinished as the one you have just done:

bobble2When you have your 4 loops on your hook, yo and draw through all 4 loops.  Ch to close the bobble:

bobble3You’ve done a bobble stitch!  Just so you know, this little swatch has a row of sc in between the bobble rows.


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