no-sew ends

Need to change colors or skeins at the end of a row?  Want to do it without sewing in those pesky ends?  Here’s how I do it.

At the end of your row, leave the last loop of the last stitch unworked:

Pull your new color/skein through (that is also how to change colors/skeins in the middle of a row, just so you know, and you would crochet over the ends just like we are going to here in a minute):


Go ahead and chain for your new row:


And then tie those loose ends together in a knot:


Good so far?  Now turn your work to prepare for the new row.  In my pattern here, it tells me to dc in the first st, where the chains are, but you do it wherever your pattern calls for.  The important part is that you pull the tails you just knotted up so that you can crochet over them:


Keep crocheting over those tails, and once you do a few stitches, pull the tails so that the knot you made is secure and tightly integrated into your work.  I tend to crochet over the tails for a long way before I trim them off and continue with my pattern:


And that’s it!  Easy peasy!  Saves you time sewing in those pesky ends as you go or at the end of your project, which is, in my opinion, the worst part.


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