knitting and a puppy!

Zero finally has a little brother and I’m super excited!


They look like they could actually be related, don’t they?  But he’s actually a half beagle, half pit mix that we found at a no-kill shelter thanks to my boss, who brought in a girl from the litter to work on Monday and told me that there were still boys left.  He’s 12 weeks now, and his name is Roll (keeping with the Megaman theme Chris started with Zero).  It’s hard to get a picture of him awake because he’s in constant motion, but here’s my best shot:


Only thing is, he’s not housebroken yet, so that’s been frustrating.  He’s starting to figure it out though & he makes up for it with cuteness and cuddles.  He even helps me with knitting (although he’s already mangled one of my wooden cable needles that I foolishly had just sitting on the daybed beside me):


As seen in the photo, I finally got started on the bulky weight version of the cowl I’m writing up a pattern for.  Really I just have to finish this one, block it, & take photos for the downloadable version that will be available… well… whenever I get it done.


The yarn is The Meri Wool from We Are Knitters and it is SO soft.  Can’t wait to wear it!  And I didn’t know how much yarn I’d need for the cowl so I’m going to have a fair amount of leftovers for other toasty items!  Maybe I’ll make a set — I don’t usually do that.


I’m loving all the colors, and I don’t think it takes away from the texture at all.  The colorway is called Sprinkle Fantasy, I believe.  Mmmm… makes me want ice cream with sprinkles.  Only it’s too cold for that right now.  Boo.  But I’m actually happy that I’m finally getting to wear some of the new items I’ve made since last winter.  My fave to wear so far is my Arlequin Shawl — the yarn just makes it.

OK, I’m done for the night, gotta get back to knitting!  Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!


a finished cowl & other fun stuff

A third chunky circle scarf has joined the ranks of yarncrafted items in the front closet:

chunky circle scarf 3 1Yep, the pattern is good enough to make at least 3.  Granted, at least one will be a Christmas gift, but I don’t want to let go of this one because grey is my new favorite color.

chunky circle scarf 3 2This one was made with Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints, which is a fingering weight yarn.  The pattern calls for either 2 strands of worsted held together or chunky yarn, but I used the Navajo 3-ply technique to triple-strand the fingering weight yarn, making it suitable for this project.  I may do a tutorial on that if anybody is interested, so let me know!

Yesterday Chris and I went to the Renaissance Festival with a bunch of friends.  It was really fun, but I only got a few pictures.  My favorite is from the falconry show, where many raptors were brought out and flew across the audience.  This one is an eagle owl:

photo 4 (2)The friends we went with also gave me some yarn-related birthday presents which I thought I’d share with ya’ll (this is the same friend who made the yarn bowl for the giveaway).  A wonderful ball winder, which I have already used:

photo 2 (1)She also gave me a needle gauge and some needle holders, which should make things a lot easier!  Did you know that, while KnitPicks needles are my favorite, the interchangeable ones aren’t stamped with their size?  Now that’s not a problem!

photo 1 (1)After arriving home from our visit to the Renaissance Fair with our wonderful friends, we were getting out of the car and found this little girl outside with no tags:

photo 1 (3)She looks like a little pittie/lab mix, and she’s sweet as can be!  We asked around and I think she belongs to some neighbors we haven’t been able to catch at home yet, so she’s inside with us.  She’s not housebroken, she’s covered in fleas, and she was very nervous about being in a house with new people, but I pulled out the trundle bed and some washable pillows and blankets and slept with her last night.  She and our dog Zero are getting along fine, but if we have to keep her for the rest of the day we’re gonna have to give her a bath in Dawn dish soap (which kills fleas better than actual flea shampoo).  I hope she’s OK with water.

Well that’s about it for today, I think.  See you soon!






puppy pullover complete!

I finished Zero’s sweater!  She looks sad in the pictures but it’s just because she doesn’t like getting her picture taken — she loves the actual sweater!

You might not can see it, but the tummy piece is red.  It’s a little snug around her arms but I’m sure it will stretch out as she wears it, and it’s not so tight as to make her uncomfortable.  Overall, a good fit, and I hope it stays nice looking for a long time.  She loves to play, so we’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by!


Halloween blues

Are you doing anything for Halloween?  Everybody around me seems to be doing something fun, but I’m not going to any parties or dressing up or anything like they are.  My reasoning is mostly that I don’t have enough money to go spending on costume pieces (my limited wardrobe doesn’t have much to be creative with so I’d have to go out and buy things).  It’s a little sad to see everyone celebrating and getting so excited though, knowing that I’m not participating in the festivities.

However, I decided that I wanted to make a doggie sweater for my baby:

my boyfriend named her Zero after a character from the Megaman video game

So she at least can have a “costume!”  It’s finally getting cold here at night and we’ve got our windows open, so she could probably use something to get warm besides my legs.  I’m using the Essential Puppy Pullover pattern from “Knitting for Dogs,” which you can see the pattern for if you click on the “look inside!” button on the Ravelry page.  The top part of the pattern is just a rectangle, and here’s what I’ve got so far of that part:

I’m using the Berroco Vintage Chunky, which I wouldn’t normally use for a dog sweater but I have tons of it, so why not?

Haha, do you like my old Garfield pajamas?  I’ve had them since middle school.

Anyway, the sweater is going to be so cute, and I’m really excited to show you pictures of my baby girl wearing it.  She’s really good about wearing dog clothes so hopefully she’ll look happy in her picture, like she’s actually enjoying the sweater.  We’ll see.

Do you dress your pets in fashionable yarncrafted items during the cold months?

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