crochet “paintings”

The other day I saw these on Pinterest, pattern by Claire at Haken en Meer, and I had to make my own.  Now before you see the pictures, I must tell you that I am a complete novice at embroidery.  Just today I learned how to make french knots.  My technique is terrible, but for my first try I’m pretty pumped.  This is the leftover yarn from my afghan, posted previously.

a bird with a flower

Scottish thistle





umbrella in the rain

Now I just have to coat the back of them with something to make them keep their shape, attach a hanging device of some sort (perhaps just a loop of yarn), and hang them up!  I’m thinking in my bedroom, because there’s really nothing on the walls in there and it’s gloomy.

These are a little different than Claire’s — I used hdc for the circles instead of dc and tried to find embroidery patterns on the Internet.  A few of them came from here, and the others were just Google search results.

I hope you like them!  I have no idea what’s coming up soon — I’ll have to start something new!  See you soon!

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