ribbed stitches

Ribbed stitches can be made using sc, hdc, even dc.  The above picture is a sample of the sc ribbed stitch.

what you can do with it:

This decorative stitch would be great to make a scarf with, especially if you crocheted it length-wise instead of width-wise.  It would also be great for a hat — you could just make a rectangle with this stitch, weave your ending tail through the side, and cinch it (so that the ribs are vertical).  If you made the rectangle wide enough you could make a brim by folding the bottom up, and you could also add a pom-pom if you’re feeling festive.

how to do it:

You’re gonna laugh — this is so easy!  Just do the stitches like normal, only instead of working into both loops on the top of your stitches, work each row in the back loops of the previous row only.  That’s it!


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