crochet “paintings”

The other day I saw these on Pinterest, pattern by Claire at Haken en Meer, and I had to make my own.  Now before you see the pictures, I must tell you that I am a complete novice at embroidery.  Just today I learned how to make french knots.  My technique is terrible, but for my first try I’m pretty pumped.  This is the leftover yarn from my afghan, posted previously.

a bird with a flower

Scottish thistle





umbrella in the rain

Now I just have to coat the back of them with something to make them keep their shape, attach a hanging device of some sort (perhaps just a loop of yarn), and hang them up!  I’m thinking in my bedroom, because there’s really nothing on the walls in there and it’s gloomy.

These are a little different than Claire’s — I used hdc for the circles instead of dc and tried to find embroidery patterns on the Internet.  A few of them came from here, and the others were just Google search results.

I hope you like them!  I have no idea what’s coming up soon — I’ll have to start something new!  See you soon!


  1. These are brilliant! And you say you’re a novice at embroidery? No way! I especially like the kite with the french knots. Very well done! Can’t wait to see them hung.


  2. These came out great! I’ve never seen this before, these are really creative! What would you use for backing?


  3. You did a fine job with the embroidery! I like what you did. Are you going to provide patterns for the pot holders; something with your brillant ability to give them a little twist?

    Ta Ta for now Cathy the Bagg Lady


  4. The owl is the winner imho
    Well done.


  5. Those are really cute! Fusible interfacing might make a decent backing (and not nearly as messy as modgepodge).


  6. Michelle P. says:



  7. FAB!


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