WIP update

Aside from the 3 hibernating projects that have been around for ages, I’ve got 5 projects going on (and have a Ravelry queue a mile long)!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this, haha.

First is the Harry Potter scarf that I still need to finish and write up the pattern for:

Harry Potter knit scarf

And then there’s the Citrus Stripe Blanket:

citrus stripe blanket

Then there’s the Sugarfrost Stole:

Sugarfrost scarf begin

And a Wolf River sweater (I’m thinking about doing the back in stockinette instead of doing this pattern again, just to make it a little easier), but I haven’t even posted about that yet.

Finally there’s the Paulie cardigan that’s been years in the making:


Gosh, I have a lot going on.  And I’ve just gotta get to starting more — my yarn stash is getting ridiculous.

Well, that’s all for now, thanks for stopping by!

epic fail on my end, sorry guys

A couple months back I promised that today I’d have free Harry Potter house scarf patterns for you all, since today is Harry’s birthday (happy birthday, Harry!), but I haven’t finished the scarves.  I’m still on the first one, in fact:

Harry Potter knit scarf

I do apologize.  I’ll let you know when they’re up but to be honest they’ve kinda fallen on the back burner for the time being… I’ve got a big crochet project coming up, I just started a fancy lace knitted scarf, I’m trying to plan a wedding with my fiance and my mom, I’m trying to do more at work, and I’m doing supervision hours for my official SC counseling licensure, not to mention trying to still fit in a good amount of quality time with Chris.

In the mean time I do still have the crochet versions of both scarves from the HP films available for free here, if you’d like to check those out!

Again, my apologies.  I’ll get them up ASAP and give updates occasionally if it’s going to take a while.  Thanks for stopping by, and happy Harry’s birthday!


Harry Potter scarf: WIP progress

I’ve started knitting a Harry Potter scarf.  This is the version seen in the first movies, not the later ones (I’ll get to that one later), and once complete I’m going to share the pattern with you!

Harry Potter knit scarf

It’s knitted in the round for both aesthetics and warmth (although I’m not using a very warm yarn — we don’t need that sort of insulation very often in the South).

Harry Potter scarf in progress

This scarf pattern (and hopefully also the different version) will be available on Harry’s birthday, so keep checking back!

Thanks for stopping by!

themed yarn & projects

A few other lovely bloggers have posted lately about getting color inspiration for their yarn colorways/combos from books and movies.  There have been a few projects of mine that have patterns based on books/movies (check out my Hermione hat from Harry Potter, my Harry Potter scarves, and my Luna Lovegood scarf, also from Harry Potter; can you tell I love Harry Potter?), but I don’t think I’ve ever bought yarn in a book/movie inspired colorway before.  Until now, that is.  Check out these beautiful Hunger Games themed yarns from Etsy:

District 12 2-Ply Sock Yarn from BrazenStitchery

District 12 2-Ply Sock Yarn from BrazenStitchery

Effie Trinket Nymph Sock Yarn from supernaturalyarns

Effie Trinket Nymph Sock Yarn from supernaturalyarns

I bought both of these very different colorways and am planning on making a reversible hat with them (probably with this knitting pattern from Purl Soho).  It will represent two very different characters in the Hunger Games trilogy (Katniss and Effie) that come from opposing worlds but who are both good people in the end.  To me it symbolizes cooperation, peace, and the triumph of good, etc., etc…

If you haven’t read the Hunger Games books, I highly recommend them.  They get a little bit teenage-girl-y occasionally but definitely NOT in a Twilight saga kind of way.  The story in the Hunger Games books is about a young girl who is strong in the face of overwhelming danger and misery, and about the horrors of war and fighting for what’s right.  It’s dark and horrifying and moving and inspiring all at the same time.  I also really like the movies based on the first two books (the third one comes out next year, I believe), although they seem to downplay the horror/violence and over-stress the romance parts a bit, sort of diluting the general message a bit in my opinion; if you really want the full message, go for the books!  These would probably be good books/movies to allow your teenage kids to read and then discuss with them afterwards.  I say teenage kids because the third book is super-extra twisted (as if the first two aren’t twisted enough), and I’m not sure I’d want my young kids to read that one, if I had any kids.

So anyway, what do you think of the yarn combo above?  Have you ever made projects inspired by books/movies or bought/dyed yarn that has been inspired by them?  If so, what?  I think it’s a really cool concept and makes projects just a little more meaningful when they are attached to stories you enjoy.

I also bought these beautiful stitch markers on Etsy from the writer of the blog ruth plus two:

Glass/bead stitch markers

Glass/bead stitch markers

Well, that’s all for now, I guess.  I’m making some fingerless mitts for a coworker but I’ll share them when I’m finished — it shouldn’t be long.  Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy holidays to you all!  If you are traveling, please stay safe!

yarn hiatus

Haven’t knit or crochet all week.  I guess I’m resting from my frantic knitting last week, I dunno.  I have been busy though, and I’ve got lots to share.

Firstly, if you are religious, please pray for my dad’s parents.  They’re my only living grandparents and they’re both in the hospital with various (serious) problems.  Dad’s actually on his way to Arkansas right now to see them.

And second, last night one of my car’s front tires got demolished when I slid on some ice and hit an embankment.  I have to get a new rim and new tire.  I’ll be contacting the junkyard tomorrow to see if they have a rim for about a fourth of the price of a dealership.   And, of course, ice means there was some wintry weather:

feb snow at jamiesThat’s the view from our buddy’s back porch.  Not a lot of snow, but enough to melt and make the roads icy, apparently.  So I’ve been sitting inside, where we haven’t turned our central heat on yet in an effort to save money, with my little space heater and my pretty mugs of cider and tea:

fiesta mugI’m collecting Fiesta brand tableware, like my mom does.  I only have 4 pieces and they aren’t as old and collectible as my mom’s, but they’re very pretty all the same!

In other news, I’ve been making a shimeji!  What is a shimeji, you ask?  Shimejis are cute little animations that walk around doing adorable things on your computer desktop.  I’m making one of Ron from “Harry Potter” because the only HP shimeji currently available is Snape, and there need to be more!  Here’s the program in action on my own desktop:

shime2And since they’re not doing exciting things at the moment, here’s some of what the can do:

shime4You can move them around and make new ones (they also self-replicate) and stuff.  They’ll be able to do more when I’m done.  And just so you don’t run away thinking I’m good at programming, I should tell you that I’m using the preexisting Snape program and just overwriting the image files.  Makes it seem way less cool, but let me tell you this is very time consuming and you have to be very precise!  I’m enjoying it though, and hopefully I’ll get to making other ones if this one works out.  So far so good!

Also you may have noticed that my foray into Photoshop work isn’t just with little shimejis — there’s a new banner for this site!  I know it’s pretty simple but I think it’s cute.

Well that’s all for now.  Sorry that I haven’t been knitting/crocheting this week.  Hopefully I’ll get back to it.  To be honest my arms are a little sore right now from all the wing chun martial arts practicing, haha.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you back soon!





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