no-chain starting double crochet

Sometimes using turning chains when beginning a new row can leave spaces or bumps on the edge of your work, and it doesn’t really even look like a dc.  Here is a phototutorial for a great alternative!

*Note: this is not the same as a standing double crochet stitch — that works best when you’re starting a new skein/color.

How to do it:

*Using US terms

First turn your work to prepare for the next row:

no chain starting double crochet step 1


Next, pull your hook up, making a loop that’s about the same height as a dc would be, and put your pointer finger on the loop to hold it down:

no chain starting double crochet step 2

Still holding down that loop to the hook, yo the hook with the loop itself:

no chain starting double crochet step 3


Now yo the hook with your working yarn, still holding on to that loop with your pointer finger:

no chain starting double crochet step 4

Now, still holding on to the top of that loop with your finger, pull the working yarn underneath the big loop:

no chain starting double crochet step 5


You’ll have two loops on your hook.  Now with your working yarn, yo hook once more:

no chain starting double crochet step 6

Pull working yarn through both loops (you can finally take your finger off that loop), and you’ve got a beginning stitch that looks like a dc:

no chain starting double crochet step 7

In my particular pattern, another dc comes next, so I made that into the second stitch so you can see how similar the stitches are side by side:

no chain starting double crochet step 8

That’s it!

This beginning stitch even has a top that looks like a regular dc, so it’s easy to spot when you’re finishing the next row and easy to work into.

Hope that was beneficial for you!







  1. Ann Bridger says:

    Thank you for the starter stitch I’m off now to practice it!!!!!


  2. Brilliant! I will definitely be trying this soon, thank you for the tutorial


  3. I hope you’ll a movie on Youtube…


  4. I have crocheted since I was 9, self-taught, and am now 62. I don’t crochet as much as I used to, thanks to fibromyalgia. About 35 years ago, I was making items for craft shows, and just hated the look of a turning chain even more. I never had trouble making them and using them, I just didn’t like them! I fiddled around, and started turning in DC with a ch 1, sc in 1st st, ch 1, and then continuing. I would end the row with a dc in the second ch1. It looked a lot better. The substitute dc I made was thicker than a ch 3, and was the right height. I did similarly working in rounds.

    So, years later, I am very pleased that someone found an even better alternative!! Congratulations! If I ever teach or mentor again, you can bet I will show them this!! Thanks!!



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