puppy pullover complete!

I finished Zero’s sweater!  She looks sad in the pictures but it’s just because she doesn’t like getting her picture taken — she loves the actual sweater!

You might not can see it, but the tummy piece is red.  It’s a little snug around her arms but I’m sure it will stretch out as she wears it, and it’s not so tight as to make her uncomfortable.  Overall, a good fit, and I hope it stays nice looking for a long time.  She loves to play, so we’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. It’s great but I have a suspicion Zero is thinking “look what she’s done to me now!” 😉


  2. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    Aww, she’s so sweet and looks so cute in her sweater!


  3. Ridiculously cute (jumper and dog!) Great job 🙂


  4. creative pixie says:

    Aww your dog looks so cute. Great looking sweater too.


  5. It looks awesome!!


  6. I’m not a massive fan of pets wearing clothes but when it’s to keep them warm I think it’s fine – and this is particularly cute! Well done 🙂


  7. So cute! I love the variety of colors you chose. Beautiful sweater for an adorable puppy.


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