Halloween blues

Are you doing anything for Halloween?  Everybody around me seems to be doing something fun, but I’m not going to any parties or dressing up or anything like they are.  My reasoning is mostly that I don’t have enough money to go spending on costume pieces (my limited wardrobe doesn’t have much to be creative with so I’d have to go out and buy things).  It’s a little sad to see everyone celebrating and getting so excited though, knowing that I’m not participating in the festivities.

However, I decided that I wanted to make a doggie sweater for my baby:

my boyfriend named her Zero after a character from the Megaman video game

So she at least can have a “costume!”  It’s finally getting cold here at night and we’ve got our windows open, so she could probably use something to get warm besides my legs.  I’m using the Essential Puppy Pullover pattern from “Knitting for Dogs,” which you can see the pattern for if you click on the “look inside!” button on the Ravelry page.  The top part of the pattern is just a rectangle, and here’s what I’ve got so far of that part:

I’m using the Berroco Vintage Chunky, which I wouldn’t normally use for a dog sweater but I have tons of it, so why not?

Haha, do you like my old Garfield pajamas?  I’ve had them since middle school.

Anyway, the sweater is going to be so cute, and I’m really excited to show you pictures of my baby girl wearing it.  She’s really good about wearing dog clothes so hopefully she’ll look happy in her picture, like she’s actually enjoying the sweater.  We’ll see.

Do you dress your pets in fashionable yarncrafted items during the cold months?


  1. I’m not hyped for Halloween this year either. Now seeing all the costumes on tv I wish I had something. But now I am telling myself to come up with something really awesome next year. That’ what you should do; think about next year. Let the kiddies have their fun this year. Next year will be your year.
    Your doggie sweater is coming along nicely and I’m sure she will love it.


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