finally, it’s here!

The craft bag I ordered ages ago (or what seems like ages) finally arrived from the UK today, squished in my mailbox.  I was so excited to see it that I uttered a high pitched squeal as I pulled it out.  I must say, Cath Kidston things sure do come in pretty packaging!  Look at this cheery parcel close-up!

It’s so cute, and due to the expensive nature of CK products, I feel like I should frame a piece of this bag because I’ll probably not get anything else from them for a long while.  I must admit I had doubts about spending so much on a craft bag, and oftentimes I regret expensive purchases soon after I buy them.  Not this though.  I am so in love with this bag — I’m glad I saved up a little extra for it!  I’ve been eyeing it for so long…  So here is my treasure:

It is absolutely perfect.  And when I guessed on Cath Kidston colors for my cushion, I was pretty close, huh?

Sorry this post doesn’t have any new crochet projects or anything, I was just so excited about the bag I had to share with you!  I can’t wait to start carrying it around instead of the crinkly plastic bag I had been using before!  Having this bag makes me want to start new projects right away so that I can use it asap.  In fact, my boyfriend has requested another cushion in the same colors as the one above, so hopefully you’ll see the beginnings of that soon.

cushion progress

So I’ve decided not to use the dark blue yarn for the back because what I tried wasn’t working.  I’m going to do the same colored squares on the back but add a little opening and flap so that I can take the pillow out whenever I need to wash the cushion.  Here’s what I came out with for the front:

I had to add the dark blue border to make it cover the cushion without stretching too much, and I used the tutorial from Compact UK for a crinkle-free granny border to make sure the border was, well, crinkle-free.

The back piece is coming along but I didn’t do as much today as I did yesterday.  I’ve just been relaxing, not looking forward to work and school tomorrow.  Why is it that the weekend is never long enough?

newest project

I’ve been working hard today and I’m excited to share my next project with you!  I’m making a cushion!

As I didn’t have any extra white pillows or any white linens to make a pillow out of, I used one of my boyfriend’s huge T-shirts.  It was difficult to work with knitted fabric, especially since I only have a straight stitch on my old sewing machine:

I filled the pillow with regular old Poly-Fill from Wal-Mart, and it’s ready to go (it’s quite lumpy and weird looking, but it’ll be covered up with my cushion cover anyway).

For the crocheted cushion cover, I chose these yarn colors from the Caron Simply Soft collection, again at Wal-Mart:

Aren’t they pretty?  The dark blue is going to be the back side of the cover, while the other colors will be on the front.  I’m using a granny square pattern written up by Lucy at Attic24, and I’m also using her tutorial for joining squares as you go to save me the trouble of putting them together at the end.  Some people may think it looks a little sloppy, but I think it adds charm to certain projects like this.  I also think the colors look a bit Cath Kidston-y, which is awesome since her products are my new obsession (my craft bag has unfortunately not come in yet).  Anyway, here’s what I’ve done so far:

I have 2 more long rows to go and I’ll be done with the front of the cover.  It’s going to be a long throw pillow, almost regular bed pillow size.  Hopefully I can finish the front part of the cover tomorrow, and then get crackin’ on the back piece.  Hopefully I’ll be sharing good progress soon!

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