finally, it’s here!

The craft bag I ordered ages ago (or what seems like ages) finally arrived from the UK today, squished in my mailbox.  I was so excited to see it that I uttered a high pitched squeal as I pulled it out.  I must say, Cath Kidston things sure do come in pretty packaging!  Look at this cheery parcel close-up!

It’s so cute, and due to the expensive nature of CK products, I feel like I should frame a piece of this bag because I’ll probably not get anything else from them for a long while.  I must admit I had doubts about spending so much on a craft bag, and oftentimes I regret expensive purchases soon after I buy them.  Not this though.  I am so in love with this bag — I’m glad I saved up a little extra for it!  I’ve been eyeing it for so long…  So here is my treasure:

It is absolutely perfect.  And when I guessed on Cath Kidston colors for my cushion, I was pretty close, huh?

Sorry this post doesn’t have any new crochet projects or anything, I was just so excited about the bag I had to share with you!  I can’t wait to start carrying it around instead of the crinkly plastic bag I had been using before!  Having this bag makes me want to start new projects right away so that I can use it asap.  In fact, my boyfriend has requested another cushion in the same colors as the one above, so hopefully you’ll see the beginnings of that soon.

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