cushion progress

So I’ve decided not to use the dark blue yarn for the back because what I tried wasn’t working.  I’m going to do the same colored squares on the back but add a little opening and flap so that I can take the pillow out whenever I need to wash the cushion.  Here’s what I came out with for the front:

I had to add the dark blue border to make it cover the cushion without stretching too much, and I used the tutorial from Compact UK for a crinkle-free granny border to make sure the border was, well, crinkle-free.

The back piece is coming along but I didn’t do as much today as I did yesterday.  I’ve just been relaxing, not looking forward to work and school tomorrow.  Why is it that the weekend is never long enough?


  1. cute cushion cover! You made it so quickly. The border looks really nice. I think I’ll try this kind of joining next time I’m making granny squares. 🙂 I like it!


  2. I wonder the same thing continually, but if the weekends were extended to 3 days, it would soon not be long enough. We are busy people and there’s never enough time to fit in all the fun! 🙂


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