have you seen this yet?

So I was browsing Pinterest today and came across this really cool program.  When making a granny square project, if you’re like me, the colors have to be used an equal amount of times on the edges, in the middle, and in the center.  This can be very difficult to keep track of — my last granny square blanket‘s colors were distributed evenly like this, but I did it by keeping all the squares in carefully organized piles, and it got kind of ridiculous because I kept knocking piles over and having to re-sort everything.

That picture doesn’t show everything, and actually looking at it makes it seem like I didn’t do a very good job distributing the colors… but trust me, there’s every combination possible in this blanket.

But now there’s an easier way (do I sound like a TV ad?).  Check out this program from Double Crochets, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  You can see the results of the math permutation in a printable chart.  Now you can’t select your colors, at least not yet, but you can choose the number of colors.  Once you see the way the chart is made it would be easy to just draw out your own with colored pencils or markers.  It just makes the whole process of distributing the colors evenly easier to visualize.  I will probably use this in conjunction with Design-Seeds (for picking out my color palettes).

What do you think?  Would you use this program, or make a chart of your own?  Or do you prefer to just wing it and not worry about such things as even distribution?

That’s all for today!  Thanks for visiting!

Oh and PS:  I made an extensive post the other day with lots of great information about makeup & skincare, but I didn’t publish it because I thought it might not be very interesting to everybody, since it’s off topic (I don’t want my dear readers to be put off by posts that aren’t about crocheting).  I was just wondering if any of you would like me to publish it.  It’s made specifically as an extensive and detailed regimen for people with really oily, acne prone skin like mine, but there are other great tips too on how we should really be applying our makeup, how to contour, and more.  I spent lots of time writing it up and putting videos and links in, not to mention the years of trying to find things that work and suffering through lots of embarrassing skin issues.  Just let me know if you’d like to see it.  If only one or two people are interested I can just e-mail the content to you instead.

speedy cushion

Last night and today, I stitched out another cushion!  This one’s about 14″ x 14″ and features Caron Simply Soft, like the last one.  I used this crochet button closure tutorial and this border tutorial.  I also used this cushion for my inspiration, but the pattern, as far as I know, is all me.  The actual pillow was sewn from one of my boyfriend’s undershirts, and stuffed with Poly-Fil.  Oh and I used the alternative granny pattern for the squares.  Here it is!

I love the way the little holes in the corner line up to make diamonds!  I feel like it adds extra visual interest.

I also framed part of the packaging my new craft bag came in today.  I know it’s silly, but I think I’ll hang it in my bedroom.  It is really cute:

Sorry for so many posts in a short amount of time.  I just like to share things when I finish instead of waiting a few days and possibly forgetting to post.  Anyway, hope you like cushion #2!

finished the cushion

My first cushion ever, made with the square pattern from Attic24 and the border method from Compact UK, has been completed.  I’m a little unsatisfied with the shape of the pillow — it’s still lumpy and misshapen looking.  Maybe with some use it will work the bumps out itself?  The buttons on the back aren’t quite spaced out the way I wanted them to be either, but I honestly just wanted to finish it up.  Anyway, here are the pics:

newest project

I’ve been working hard today and I’m excited to share my next project with you!  I’m making a cushion!

As I didn’t have any extra white pillows or any white linens to make a pillow out of, I used one of my boyfriend’s huge T-shirts.  It was difficult to work with knitted fabric, especially since I only have a straight stitch on my old sewing machine:

I filled the pillow with regular old Poly-Fill from Wal-Mart, and it’s ready to go (it’s quite lumpy and weird looking, but it’ll be covered up with my cushion cover anyway).

For the crocheted cushion cover, I chose these yarn colors from the Caron Simply Soft collection, again at Wal-Mart:

Aren’t they pretty?  The dark blue is going to be the back side of the cover, while the other colors will be on the front.  I’m using a granny square pattern written up by Lucy at Attic24, and I’m also using her tutorial for joining squares as you go to save me the trouble of putting them together at the end.  Some people may think it looks a little sloppy, but I think it adds charm to certain projects like this.  I also think the colors look a bit Cath Kidston-y, which is awesome since her products are my new obsession (my craft bag has unfortunately not come in yet).  Anyway, here’s what I’ve done so far:

I have 2 more long rows to go and I’ll be done with the front of the cover.  It’s going to be a long throw pillow, almost regular bed pillow size.  Hopefully I can finish the front part of the cover tomorrow, and then get crackin’ on the back piece.  Hopefully I’ll be sharing good progress soon!

started my blanket!

So I’ve started the flower sunburst granny square blanket (pattern here), and I’m so excited!  I’ve only got the first three rounds of circles finished.  I’ve got 30 of them, so I’ll probably have to make lots more, but I wanted to share these pics with you of my progress:


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