finished the flower sunburst granny blanket

My flower sunburst granny square afghan is complete!  Made from Berroco Vintage Chunky, it’s super heavy and thick, so I know it will be toasty (although I’ll never use this yarn for a blanket again — it’s perfect in every way except that it’s too expensive).  It covers a double bed, but the picture below is taken on a queen so you can see it all flat with the cute ruffly border I added.  This has been my most expensive afghan, but it might just be the one I’m most proud of, too.  Here are the finished pictures.

I hope you like it as much as I do!  Now off to make some tea…


  1. Peggy Davis says:

    I am so proud to have you for a grandchild. Your work is beautiful. About the lace for towels– Try crocheting your lace and then sewing lace to towel with needle and thread. That is how I first learned. I am working on crocheted sleeping mats for the homeless., using plastic grocery bags. Will let you know how they turn out.Keep up the good work.


  2. It’s beautiful!!! Great job!!! 😀


  3. V lovely!



  1. […] used the leftover yarn from my flower sunburst granny square blanket.  I think it turned out really nice, even though it’s very large.  This one is 11″ […]


  2. […] the edges, in the middle, and in the center.  This can be very difficult to keep track of — my last granny square blanket‘s colors were distributed evenly like this, but I did it by keeping all the squares in […]


  3. […] for 17 skeins, counting shipping, is way better than the $400 I’ve spent on other yarn for previous blankets.  $400 is about 250 Pounds right now, I believe, for any UK readers.  Ridiculous, right?  I just […]

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