citrus stripe blanket: begin!

Sometimes it’s hard to stick with just a couple of projects.  The Citrus Stripe Blanket by Susan Carlson was impossible to resist!

citrus stripe blanket

Photo used with the permisssion of Susan Carlson

I’m using leftover yarn from the clamshell baby blanket (KnitPicks Brava Sport) and have already completed a few stripes:

citrus stripe blanket

It’s a great free pattern that’s not too hard, works up quickly, and doesn’t require a ton of yarn.  I’m loving it!

citrus stripe blanket

It’s hard to get the colors just right in a photo…

Also, our ceiling and roof are almost completely repaired!  It seems there’s just a bit of cleanup left to do and we’ll have our back room back, thank goodness!

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!

as-we-go stripey blanket crochet-a-long 2 year anniversary!

It’s been 2 years since we started the As-We-Go Stripey Blanket Crochet-A-Long!  Doesn’t seem like that long to me!

as we go stripey blanketClick the link above to be taken to the free pattern, where you can view it online or download it as a PDF (there’s a photo tutorial version and also a shorter version for printing)!

And I owe a huge thanks to everyone who’s made the blanket (I was really surprised by the number of blankets out there, and definitely honored!) as well as to Julie, the author of the blog Little Woolie, for the pattern inspiration!  Check out her blog for so much lovely stuff!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Feel free to browse around to see the crochet and knitting tutorials and patterns available here on Not Your Average Crochet — everything’s in the drop-down menu!

Here’s a final photo of my dog on the blanket:

as we go stripey blanket crochet a long

this past week: budgeting and stripes

Hello everyone!

It’s relaxing to be blogging right now after such a stressful week!  Let me tell you, I’ve had the worst kind of personal drama, my first week at my internship, a horrendous mistake in budgeting, trying to cook, and school.  I’ll skip over the personal drama and just mention that my internship is at a community mental health center, where I get to co-counsel people and help lead groups, etc. (it’s a very interesting place to intern, for sure).  My budgeting mistake left me with $200 less than I thought I’d have this month, which means groceries are going to be hard to come by towards the end of the month.  That definitely means no yarn this month, either.  My cooking skills are slowly but surely improving, with the help of my chef boyfriend, which is good, and school is, well, school.

Amidst all of this stuff going on, I have had a little time to crochet.  The Granny Ripple #1 is slowly coming along:


And again, while I’ve been crocheting, I’ve been listening to audiobooks.   Nothing I haven’t mentioned before, either.  The Dragonriders of Pern is just as good the… whichever go-round I’m on now.  It’s definitely after third.  Also, my boyfriend and I have been watching an anime called “One Piece,” which is a really long but really good TV series that we are marathon-ing online.

So that’s all my news for today.  Hopefully I’ll have more granny stripe progress soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

random stripes

Sometimes I way over-think my patterns in striped objects, such as blankets.  I think “are they random enough, does it look naturally done?”  Well, it’s not a new thing but I’d still like to introduce everybody to the Random Stripe Generator, a script by Biscuits and Jam, that generates your stripey patterns for you.  You just type in your yarn colors, the thickness of your stripes, and how many rows you want your project to be, and voila, you have a stripey pattern!  A bonus is that if you don’t like it, you can just hit a button and it makes another one for you.  The biggest bonus?  It’s FREE.  Here’s an example:

It also gives you a written pattern, so you don’t just have the picture to go by.  I hope it’s useful for you!

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