speedy cushion

Last night and today, I stitched out another cushion!  This one’s about 14″ x 14″ and features Caron Simply Soft, like the last one.  I used this crochet button closure tutorial and this border tutorial.  I also used this cushion for my inspiration, but the pattern, as far as I know, is all me.  The actual pillow was sewn from one of my boyfriend’s undershirts, and stuffed with Poly-Fil.  Oh and I used the alternative granny pattern for the squares.  Here it is!

I love the way the little holes in the corner line up to make diamonds!  I feel like it adds extra visual interest.

I also framed part of the packaging my new craft bag came in today.  I know it’s silly, but I think I’ll hang it in my bedroom.  It is really cute:

Sorry for so many posts in a short amount of time.  I just like to share things when I finish instead of waiting a few days and possibly forgetting to post.  Anyway, hope you like cushion #2!


  1. Love the cushion – I’ve just taught myself how to crochet, and your cushion is the kind of thing I aspire to! Just done my first three Granny Squares – about an hour for each one!! It may take me a while still… 😀


  2. Love those cushions! So cheery! And boy, you work/crochet fast!


  3. creative pixie says:

    I love the cushion, the corner holes look lovely when they’re all sown together and matched up.


  4. I love how the buttons pop on the navy lattice. Together, the neutral buttons and lattice are a nice balance to all the different colored squares.

    I’d use this as the cushion’s front side!

    You could schedule the posts to appear a few days apart if you want. 🙂


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