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The giveaway is almost over!  It ends this Sunday at 6:00pm EST, so don’t forget to enter!

In other news, I finally broke one of my New Year’s Resolutions.  I bought some yarn for myself.  It’s for a specific project and the yarn was on sale and I didn’t know if the colorway (which is perfect) is one of those that gets phased out eventually, so I spent about $40 on 6 skeins of Berroco Vintage from  It’s in the colorway Macaron:


Isn’t it pretty?  If you look closely there are actually lots of different hues/tints in there, adding some lovely depth and interest, and the heathered soft effect is so pretty.  I’m going to make the Maeve shrug with it, and if you click on the link you’ll see that this Berroco Vintage yarn is the perfect substitute for the slightly more expensive yarn that is called for, and I know that this yarn will be great to wear because I love the first chunky circle scarf I made with it — it’s so great to wear, so soft and warm (and washable)!  The shrug will be great for work, where our air conditioner works way too well during the summer.

Anyway, even though I broke that resolution, I would have had to break it anyway because one of my other resolutions is to make Christmas ornaments as gifts for people this Holiday season and I need the crochet thread for that.  Silly me for contradicting myself with my resolutions.  However, my resolution to make more projects in 2016 than the 24 items of 2015 is going well — I’ve completed 13 so far.  My pattern writing is on hold for a bit, but I’m still working on that one, too.

I’ve been trying to cut down on my WIPs by just busting out FOs and while I have finished lots of projects, I’ve also started quite a few, so the number of WIPs is about the same.  I started the split back tank a few days ago (with yarn I already had in my stash) with the intention of finishing it before the middle of June — I’m going on a girls’ trip with my mom and aunt & cousins to Pensacola, FL & I’d like to use the tank as an airy swimsuit coverup on the beach.  I say airy because it’s made with sock weight yarn and size 5.5mm needles (that’s one reason I chose this pattern in particular out of lots of cute tanks — the large needles should mean a fast project).  I’m also using KnitPicks’ Lindy Chain, which is 70% linen, 30% cotton, so it should be perfect for summer.  I’ve never made a summer garment before, though, and I’m not sure it’ll be wearable in Florida — will it be too hot there for any hand knit items?  We shall see.  No photos of that yet, but I’ll take some soon once I have a bit more to show.

Well, that’s a pretty decent update.  In other life news my counseling is going well and I’m starting to remember to actually use mindfulness in day-to-day life, which is already beginning to help me.  Also we can finally use both the new side and the old-yet-renovated side of my work building, and now that everyone’s got more space and not falling on top of each other it’s much less stressful.  Other issues still persist but I think everything will work out.  🙂

That’s all for now, thanks so much for stopping by!  See you soon, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

first FO of 2016 & some yarny resolutions!

Happy happy new year!  I hope you all had a great holiday season and are off to a great start in 2016!

The FO:

It took less than a month to complete this (but still longer than I thought).  It’s Purl Soho’s No-Purl Ribbed Scarf, which was really fun to make, and as you can guess by the title there are no purl stitches!  I used 3 whole skeins of Malabrigo Rios (worsted, 100% merino) in the 850 Archangel colorway:


The scarf is over 6″ long and SUPER cushy, thanks to the luxurious yarn in combination with the textured stitch.

Question though.  This looks like brioche knitting, which I haven’t tried before.  I know it’s not, but how can you tell the difference just by looking?

The yarny resolutions:

  • I will try REALLY really hard not to buy more yarn until I basically run out (or unless someone asks me to make something specific for them that I don’t already have yarn for); my stash is ridiculously huge and there’s more yarn on the way from online post-Christmas sales.  Chris is concerned that I’ll need another piece of furniture to hold it all, and I’m already taking up a small desk and the bottom of a small hutch.  Maybe I should resolve to find a cheap large secondhand dresser or armoire…  Anyone know of a good place to look?  Maybe Ikea…
  • I’m going to create & write up some crochet patterns (ideas include a convertible hat, more zippered clutches, 3 different kinds of cowls, a pillow in the shape of a beloved anime character, and one idea that nobody’s ever made before as far as I know; I can’t wait to share with you)!
  • I want to make more FOs this year than my 24 of 2015, even if it’s just by 1!
  • This year I’ll make Christmas projects GALORE.  For realizes, all my family & friends will be getting some cool crocheted items, and I’m gonna start as early as seems reasonable… maybe August?  Ugh, that already seems to early…

Did you make any crafty resolutions?  What are yours?

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!

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