citadel hat: ta-da!

It’s finished!  Using yarn from Welthase and the pattern here, this didn’t take too long to finish (at least, for knitting)!

Citadel knitted hat

The lining is slightly smaller than the outer shell but that’s my fault — I think I skipped a few rows in the decreases, or maybe the different yarn just knitted a tighter gauge.  I did use the Navajo 3-Ply technique for the lining instead of just using the recommended 2 strands of the lace weight yarn, and I’m glad I did because with 2 strands it defnitely would have been too small.

citadel hat liningI really love this hat — I think I’m going to make another sometime!  Maybe next time with a completely solid and lighter colored outside, and a brighter pop of color inside.

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!


citadel hat progress

I’ve been working on the Citadel hat and I’m using the yarn from the frogged Angel scarf for the lining.  Originally I’d planned the reddish coral yarn from here to be the lining but I decided I loved it so much I wanted to save it for something you’d see a bit more.  Well, the provisional cast-on has been removed and here’s what I’ve got:

citadel hat color join

I’m using the Navajo 3-Ply Technique to triple the thickness of the yarn, even though the pattern says you only need to hold 2 strands of the lace weight yarn together…  3 is working well!

The silky yarn will be better against hair than the wooly one would be, anyway, so maybe this is best.

There was an issue with the join that I wanted to ask you about: when you do a provisional cast on and start knitting the other way, do you prefer the last row of the old color or the first row of the new color to be twisted?  See what I mean here, my last row of the dark grey is twisted:

citadel hat color join closeup

Well, I’ll update soon hopefully.  I’m really liking this hat (although I don’t know when it will ever be cold enough to use it in South Carolina)!

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!

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