crochet Angel scarf: begin!

Already frustrated.  Firstly with myself for spending almost $4 on a pattern that’s just treble shells (I should have noticed that), and secondly with my scarf, which isn’t looking like the one on the pattern page (although I bet blocking would help, but probably not that much).  Thirdly because the photos aren’t doing the beautiful yarn justice.

angel scarf first rows

I’m thinking about ripping this out.  I’ve already spent hours on it already but the yarn is so great I want to use it for an item I’ll actually use.  The yarn is from Welthase on Etsy, by the way.

angel scarf

*sigh* I’ll look up patterns on Ravelry and see what else I could make…

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stoppping by!


  1. nicolaknits says:

    It’s very pretty. Blocking might just do the trick. Have you thought of blocking the first part to see before you frog?


  2. I think your scarf is looking wonderful! So lacy and pretty. It would be perfect for a cool summer night. I think you should continue on. It’s beautiful.


    • Thank you! Unfortunately in a fit of frustration I frogged it already… But I know exactly how I’m going to use the yarn instead! 🙂 Maybe I’ll try another time in a different color… Maybe the silver is part of why I didn’t like it. Saw a chartreuse one that was amazing.


  3. mary skodnick says:

    I love it! The color will go with everything imaginable. Don’t rip it!


  4. Love the color. I can identify with frustration, I am a ‘true beginner’ , found a pattern I loved, spent hours trying, to no success, researched on you tube, and everywhere I could think of. I am stumped. Fortunately, it was leftover yarn. Sad but will try again to make pattern when I am more experienced


    • I totally understand that! It takes a while to get the hang of things and can be really frustrating. Even after doing it for years I get frustrated when difficult new stitch patterns pop up, or when my work doesn’t look like the pretty picture! 🙂


  5. I’ve also bought patterns like that, and could kick myself afterwards.


  6. Johanna says:

    My english isn’t so good, but i’l try… As i look at the pictures from the pattern you bought, it is an other pattern then you used for your shawl! You better mail the person you bought the pattern from, i think you have got the wrong pattern.



  1. […] been working on the Citadel hat and I’m using the yarn from the frogged Angel scarf for the lining.  Originally I’d planned the reddish coral yarn from here to be the lining […]


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