citadel hat: ta-da!

It’s finished!  Using yarn from Welthase and the pattern here, this didn’t take too long to finish (at least, for knitting)!

Citadel knitted hat

The lining is slightly smaller than the outer shell but that’s my fault — I think I skipped a few rows in the decreases, or maybe the different yarn just knitted a tighter gauge.  I did use the Navajo 3-Ply technique for the lining instead of just using the recommended 2 strands of the lace weight yarn, and I’m glad I did because with 2 strands it defnitely would have been too small.

citadel hat liningI really love this hat — I think I’m going to make another sometime!  Maybe next time with a completely solid and lighter colored outside, and a brighter pop of color inside.

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!



  1. the more I see this hat, the nore I want to do one.
    it wiil be warmer than a simple hat.


  2. Wow, this is a really beautiful hat. I’ve seen knitted and crocheted hats with stretchy t-shirt fabric linings, there is something extremely professional about them.


  3. I’m always so impressed with your tension; the stitches are soooo regular. Great hat Hannah.


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