WIP update

Soooooooo many WIPs!  Please tell me you do this too.

I’ve frogged the Sugarfrost scarf:

Sugarfrost scarf begin

I got about 5x farther but it was still so slow…

Too much tiny knitting and it would take WAY too long for my patience (which gets tried plenty at work).  Not sure what to make with the yarn, though.  Still working slowly but surely on the Fino cowl:

stockinette cowl

I’ve gotten about 60% done now though


Also started a cool looking cabled hat but it called for small needles and chunky yarn and just hurt my hands too much so I frogged it, too; maybe I’ll start over in a worsted weight yarn instead.  My Harry Potter knit scarves are still the same, kinda hibernating, but whenever I get to it I’ll post the pattern.  I’ve just resigned myself to laziness for this:

Harry Potter knit scarf

My Citrus Stripe Blanket is also hibernating, although it’s looking pretty cool:

citrus stripe blanket

Dunno if I ever even got around to sharing my Wolf River sweater I started a few months ago.  It’s cool but the yarn I ordered was the yarn the pattern called for and it’s not near as soft as I would like.  Stalled out on my Lutz Jump hat, too.  And the Venetian Carnival cowl I didn’t share because it was originally gonna be a Christmas gift got replaced with another knitted gift and is now sitting around, almost done, waiting for me to put buttons on it and block it (it was a cool make but it would’ve been cooler if I’d doubled the length so it could be wrapped around twice, but then I wouldn’t have had the yarn to start the Fino cowl mentioned above).  A couple of other things are hibernating, too (my Paulie cardigan & my Weasley sweater)…

I’m also working on two versions of two individual patterns I’m writing (4 items total), which I’ve super been into as evidenced by the Anthropologie Inspired Hat, the Not Your Granny’s Granny Square Clutch, and the Thai Crochet Cowl, all of which are pretty recent releases.  The new patterns are also crocheted cowls (cowls are THE BEST) but that’s all I’ll say for now.  I’ve got ideas for more patterns to write, too, after those, so it should be a fun year.

The things I’m actually working on actively now are the Aspen blanket and my Chunky Circle Scarf #5:


Heaping them on my ottoman keeps them in view so I’m constantly reminded to work on them, but they’re super fun so it’s not like it’s a chore.  I’m gonna start a Chunky Circle Scarf #6 soon, too — both 5 and 6 are for coworkers who’ve requested them (so I’m still not really breaking my resolutions because they’re paying for the yarn).

Whew!  That was a bit of an eye opener, just typing that all up.  How many WIPs do you have going right now?


  1. That’s why I don’t do cardigans anymore. Still one is in my cupboard, started 3 years ago. If I just quickly count, I have about 8 to 10 wips…


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  3. nicolaknits says:

    Busy, busy, lots of WIPs for you. I think that’s called startitis! I have ONE WIP! Unbelievable, as I usually have two or three, but seriously, that’s it. I think I will start a MCAL soon to have something else to play with.


  4. Oh – I think I have more WIPs than you do!! Ha ha!! I suppose as long as one finishes some along the way it is ok?

    Love, Rosemary


  5. I have a ripple going, an sophie-cum-ATB, a Greg Cal, and a jacket for my granddaughter… too much!! My first priority is doing squares and joining blankets for our ministry providing comfort blankets.


  6. That is a lot of WIPs!
    I had a look at the links you posted and I love the thai cowl and the cabled hat! Now i have lots of WIPs too!
    It’s infectious!! 😀


  7. I feel your pain 🙂 I have just written about a new book/journal I bought recently to try to get a hold of my projects/stash and projects-to-be – see here if you would like to read further… 🙂 https://leapinglife.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/knitting-love/


  8. Sanderella's says:

    No, your not alone! I have quite a few myself! Lol!


  9. Oh, you are definitely not alone. I am working on downsizing my cross stitch WIP’s because they get so overwhelming. But I am trying to enjoy what I work on when I work on it. I think that is important 🙂 Wow! I finished my Citrus blanket before you? That is amazing. You must be making it a large blanket. I love the colors in yours. So pretty! Love the pattern in the scarf you are working on.


    • Trying to enjoy it is really super important, you’re right. Otherwise it’s easy to get burned out/disinterested, and that rut is not fun. Hehe, my Citrus blanket is actually baby sized, it’s just been sitting around for a while. 🙂



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