FO: Lutz Jump hat

First I want to say thanks for all the kind comments and shares of my recent Thai Crochet Cowl pattern release, I’m super happy people like it!

In another recent post I mentioned my current WIPs; well, I finished one!  It’s the knitted Lutz Jump hat by Monika Sirna, and it comes in an e-book of 3 very similar hat patterns for $6.50 (US).  It’s quick to make (when you don’t take long breaks in the middle of projects like I do), it’s easy but interesting, and it’s comfy.

Lutz Jump knit hat - Not Your Average Crochet

It used slightly over half a skein of KnitPicks Brava (100% acrylic) in the Fig colorway, minus the recommended pom-pom.  I know pom-poms are popular right now, particularly fur-looking ones, but I might give this as a gift next Christmas (not sure to whom yet) so I’ll just hold off on that.  If I make one it’ll be in another color.  I have a spare brown pom-pom that was originally for my Fuego hat (which I didn’t really like as much as I’d hoped), maybe I’ll use that.

Lutz Jump knit hat - Not Your Average Crochet

This is #6 of my project goal of 25 for this year.  I’m whizzing along!  Hope that doesn’t lead to burnout later, but the important part is just enjoying it, which I am!  Part of that I think is not worrying so much about a schedule for my posts or taking perfect pictures of my FOs against pristine white backgrounds, like I tried to do last year (I’ll try to do those things still this year but I won’t be so strict about it).  I’ve still got a blog/project calendar but it really just helps me keep track of what I’ve posted or what I need to be working on, etc.

Well, that’s all for today!  I’ll keep working on my 7 WIPs & maybe start some more, and I’ll see you soon.  😉  Thanks for stopping by!

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