Life List

Inspired by Claire at MollieandClaire I thought I’d post a Life List today. It’s kinda like one of those chain emails that used to be really annoying back in the early 2000s when you got a zillion in your inbox but now are very nice because they’re a glimpse into a more personal realm of bloggers. I enjoyed reading Claire’s, and she got it from someone else as well. I’m giving it a shot!

Making : a crocheted fox, a knitted throw blanket, and a knitted cardi
Cooking : cheese on toast
Drinking : a free coffee the Starbucks barista gave me
Reading: listening to “Dragonsong” audiobook by Anne McCaffrey
Wanting: the new iPhone 6 — my poor 4s is on it’s last leg
Looking: at all of the lovely Pinterest inspiration
Playing: Nyan Cat is my go-to phone game
Deciding: whether or not I should go back to school, when I want to have kids, all the serious stuff
Wishing: I had more leisure/thinking time, and time to spend with Chris
Enjoying: lounging around in my PJs
Waiting: in trepidation for a follow-up visit to the OBGYN in a couple months
Liking: organized desks with pretty calendars and accessories
Wondering: how I can make my desk pretty for a low cost
Loving: my family, extended and immediate
Pondering: how I can make my fiancé happy when he comes home
Considering: whether or not I just spent too much money at Target
Watching: The Simpsons… we’ve been on a kick lately
Hoping: that I can get everyone I love great Christmas presents!
Needing: a better paying job
Smelling: a hot salted caramel mocha from Starbucks
Wearing: an oversized T-shirt and cozy plaid flannel pants
Following: some pretty nice blogs
Noticing: that moths keep getting in my house somehow
Knowing: I can get through anything with my fiancé
Thinking: about the future
Buying: shoes for Chris, shirts for me, and the beginnings of Christmas presents for others
Getting: prepared for more paperwork than usual tomorrow at work
Mending: fences with people that matter to me
Disliking: myself for being overly negative and complain-y
Opening: a web-page to look for wooly clothes
Feeling: tired after a long field trip to the fair with my clients today
Snacking: on nothing now — I need to stop eating when I’m not hungry because that’s not healthy

That was fun! I’d love to see this go around so that we can learn more about each other in a fun and interesting way.

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great idea – very interesting, might have to try that too xxx


  2. Thank you ❤


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