crochet in the works — fox amigurumi

That’s right, crochet, not knitting. I’m currently working on this Fibi the Fox pattern. Here’s what I’ve got so far:


I bought the KnitPicks palette yarn for this but I’m not sure if I’ll really need the second ball of the reddish brownish orange color:


Didn’t think it would take so long, but the yarn and hook are so tiny! My hands also get a bit tired after working on small objects after a while, does that happen to you too? More than with bigger projects, I mean. Not that I’m complaining about the yarn size and hook — I think it’ll make a beautiful item when I’m done! All that’s left are the arms and tail and sewing all the bits together.

It should be mentioned that the patterns from that particular Raveler do cost money, but I think the shapes are so cute I’d rather just follow the instructions than try to guess and end up with something not as good. I also bought the dragon pattern because I LOVE dragons (as you may remember from my giveaway a while back when I gave away a “Dragonriders of Pern” book), but many of the patterns are so similar that I bet I can figure out the bear and mouse, etc. on my own, and the bunny mod is free.

I think these would be good Christmas gifts for children but unfortunately I don’t really know very many, so they’ll just keep me company for now, which is fine with me! I haven’t even bought the yarn for the dragons since the fox is taking so long. Hopefully it’ll be done soon, and I’ll give an update as soon as that happens!

That’s all the yarny news for today, thanks for stopping by!


  1. crochetandcoffee says:

    very pretty! and yes, my hands get tired when working on small items. they’re just quite difficult to hold properly while crocheting..LOL. I’ve never tried amigurumi before. any tips when starting? =) =)


    • Well that’s really the main problem for me in amigurumi — holding the item properly while trying to work on it. Also because you end up stuffing the item the instructions usually tell you to use a slightly smaller size than the yarn might call for so that there aren’t any gaps where the stuffing can easily leak out. That’s hard on the hands as well. But it’s worth it when you get such cute results!

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  2. Yes! I love those little doll patterns and have been trying to come up with an excuse to make one… Especially the kangaroo. My first crochet toy almost killed my wrist, but I like the look, and it’s much faster than knitting, so I’ve since made an effort to keep my hands as relaxed as possible, even if it makes slightly bigger gaps (I’ve yet to have them come unstuffed even with my kids’ rough play) and I use the stitch markers at the end of each round to stop for a minute and give my hands a break. Can’t wait to see your finished fox!


  3. This is looking fabulous! I think paying for patterns like these are so worth it. The shaping has obviously had many hours of work spent on it by the designer. I’ve been wondering which of these series of patterns to purchase, thinking I could probably adapt it to some of the other versions.
    I assume you are using a crochet hook with a thickened soft handle? I get cramp when I pick up one of these projects until my hands get used to it again but I have to use a Clover hook.


    • I’m actually not — I’ve got regular Susan Bates hooks (they’re my favorite shaped hook) with one of those grippie things on it, like people used to put on pencils all the time. That helps.


  4. Fresh stitches website has some great tip guides. I made Mr Scrappy when I was new to crochet, it’s an excellent free pattern. – for anyone reading who wants to try amigurumi or the first time.

    Your fox is fab Hannah!


  5. pleas show me how to make it??? i want to do it


  6. Cute!


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