sewing scissors acquisition

My parents and I went to one of my favorite antique malls yesterday up in Charlotte, NC. They got me a fantastic vintage 9″ pink Pyrex pie plate and also some [presumably] vintage sewing scissors!


I don’t know exactly how old they are but they look awesome and they’re REALLY sharp.

Something about having pretty crochet/knitting tools just makes the whole process just a tad more indulgent (kind of like a really expensive and luxurious skein of yarn), don’t you think?

What are some of your special tools? Have any antique hooks or needles, or maybe a really cool measuring tape? Let me know in the comments, and as always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sally Welch says:

    Those are beautiful embroidery scissors,and I do think they are antique. I have an old sewing box, silver metal round tape measure, some old silver and metal thimbles, and my grandmother’s favorite tatting shuttle that my grandfather made for her in the shipyard during World War II. I will try to take a picture, and send it to you.


  2. They look vintage to me…Open them and tell me the country of origin…I too collect scissors for my craft endeavors…Love seeing older scissors…


    • Hmm… I don’t see a country of origin anywhere! Maybe it has somehow worn off?


      • catladysher says:

        The place of origin would be in the crux of the scissors…so when you closed them it could not be seen…sounds as if the Place of Origin wore off…possibly due to age…These scissors have antiquing on them also which has worn…so I think they are pretty old…Enjoy!!


  3. These are a beautiful little pair of scissors! I know I have several vintage/antique scissors. Never really thought about it because I probably still use some of them. Different fancy scissors get put with various projects. (I’m always losing them!) I like to collect antique crochet hooks too. Haven’t rightly found many pretty ones. They’re packed away at the moment. My hope is to find enough pretty antique ones to make a mural of them for my “space” πŸ™‚


  4. I have a tiny silver tube with a lid for keeping sewing needles in (given to me by Mr P’s step mum) which I think is pretty old. My pin tin is not antique but is hand made and has sentimental value as it was bought on one of our canal trips and has traditional painted roses on the top. I have a couple of old thimbles too. Your scissors are beautiful.


    • Your pin tin sounds really handy — mine just float around at the bottom of a pencil case with extra hooks and cable needles and stitch markers… They’re impossible to find! Do you ever use the thimbles?


      • Very rarely. There has been the odd occasion when I have thought “my finger hurts…. I need a thimble”. They are lovely to have though.


  5. I bought my first bag of supplies at an estate sale and I look for vintage needles on eBay. My mother in law used to own a yarn store and she finds things and gives them to us as well.


  6. Where did you go, Sleepy Poets? Love the scissors.


  7. Those are beautiful. I have a similar pair and yes … those things are sharp! Great find!


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