loopy doopy misery and fun

Being sick sucks.  Something came on all of a sudden yesterday and I had a fever during the night.  Now I’m just stuck with a runny nose and clogged sinuses, which usually leads to chronic ear infections.  I’m on a decent number of medications and am feeling a bit loopy.  Kinda like “WHEEE!” and “UGH!” at the same time.

On the bright side, I think I’m going to love my job!  We get free lunches every day, flexible schedules, insurance benefits, paid vacation time and sick days, and my coworkers are great, not to mention the interesting times with clients!  I don’t often do selfies but here’s me at my desk!

first week of workThe lime colored Patagonia vest was from the thrift store that our program operates, but it’s closing so one of my coworkers snagged this for me!  They’re already accepting me and it feels so nice to be liked!  🙂

So do you have things that you specifically like about your job, or are you working in a place that makes you unhappy?   And how many of you are stay-at-home moms or “housewives?”  I’m just curious because it seems to me that ladies who are all about family consumer sciences (that’s what they call home-ec these days) or being at home are the ones who knit and crochet the most (although I have seen a couple of business women knitting in public over the years).

Speaking of knitting in public, I saw a lady knitting in the waiting room of the allergist’s office yesterday.  I kept trying to watch her because I was curious, but I think she noticed and thought I was staring at her in a way that connotates that knitting is stupid (which, as we all know, is not the truth).  Do you feel like people look at you in a snobbish way when you knit/crochet in front of others?

Well I’ve rambled enough — there wasn’t even anything project related in this post!  That will be remedied next time.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!



  1. Sandi Bodnar says:

    The most fun thing about knitting or crocheting in public are the little kids. They are fascinated by it and will stand right in front of me and watch. My granddaughter likes to sit with me on the couch and watch me. It’s our quiet time together. Feel better. Drink lots if fluids.


  2. I do have a job that I love, I teach Knit and Crochet! And yes, I’ve been looked at strangely while knitting in public. I figure they just don’t know what they’re missing, the poor things.
    I hope you feel better soon!! Glad things are going so well at work!


  3. I work too. I used to be a teacher but found it hard to keep up with once I had my kids so now I work as a classroom assistant (partly a general classroom assistant and partly a Special Needs assistant working with one particular child). I think I get the best of both worlds now. I get to work with children… which is the best bit… But I don’t have to take lots of work home or have all the pressure and stress the teacher does. Of course the compromise is I don’t get paid the same! Crochet is THE best way to wind down and meditate at night once my boys are in bed. Hope you are feeling better soon.


  4. creative pixie says:

    I work full time in a school as a technician so I can only really crochet/knit when my children are in bed. This means I don’t get much done-im very jealous of those mums who stay at home and crochet all day while their kids are at nursery/school.


  5. Hilary Adams says:

    So sorry your’e under the weather. I was wondering how your cute hat you last posted fits you. I was reading on the project pages that most people’s were too small. I have an extra big head.


    • Really? It’s actually big on me and it fits my boyfriend, who has a very large head! It has lots of stretch. I even knit tightly, so if you’re a loose knitter it would probably be even stretchier!


  6. Hope you feel better soon. I work full time and spend my evenings knitting or crocheting, I knit on a coach to a work away day last week and my coworker told me she found it therapeutic watching me


  7. hope you feel better soon!

    There is a lot I like about my job (full time, 4 ten hour days) in development for a non porift Community Action Agency- mostly grant writing, but I also provide support to my director for mailings, etc. I like writing and using my skills to help provide programs for our clients, and I like some of the simple clerical tasks, as I am always thinking about my knitting and what I will do next. 🙂

    I knit in public all the time – I never noticed people looking at me funny, but I do get lots of “what are you making?” I do knit, whenever I have to wait for anyone, and at lunch, or in meetings – especially phone conference meetings. I have been doing it long enough that most folks I work with are used to it, and I think it helps that they know usually, I am making hats for our clients. 🙂 I can usually put in close to an hour a day of knitting just at work, which makes me able to produce lots of hats.


  8. I have knitted and done crochet in public, embroidered, pieced quilts together in public, while at swimming lessons when my boys were younger, doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, you name it, I’ve created it there! I’ve never noticed or cared about the stares, usually it gets lots of conversations started. It’s relaxing and stress relieving, I miss not doing it as much anymore, the occasional waiting for school kids in the car is where it happens and with friends for coffee at their house!


  9. Hope you’re feeling much much better by now, and your job sounds awesome! Congratulations, seems like you’re handling the new situation really well. 🙂


    • hope you feel better soon. I crochet in public, some people stare, some just mind their own business. I don’t mind, they can stare.


  10. I am hoping you are feeling better, and I can tell you have a great job when you mentioned flexibility 🙂 can you stroll in late without the supervisor looking at you???? Lol I hope so….


  11. Sherrie Oliver says:

    You should have asked her what she was making 🙂 I love my job though I have had to move to part time as I have cancer. My work have been awesome to me, making it possible for me to work from home and as long as I get my stuff done have absolutely no interest in how many or few hours I work. Some days I only do an hour but then other days I do five or six, it balances out. I can knit but dont as everything I do just grows and grows once its made up, my tension must be terible 🙂 I love to crochet though and I am about half way through the stripy blanket, looking forward to finishing but have felt too poorly the last few weeks. Drink water, as ea na dcoffee is digested as food and doent really help your fluid levels. Get better soon sweetie and I am glad you are enjoying your job xxxx


  12. I hope you are feeling all better by now!

    I work as a Project Manager for IT Infrastructure projects for a large company, and I crocher everywhere–on the train during my commute, in my office when I am on calls I need to listen to but not type anything (it helps me stay focused, actually), at meetings for my kid’s school organizations, while watching my daughter cheer at games, at friend’s houses, at restaurants waiting for the food to come, etc. etc. etc… I like to make big things, and I would never finish them if I didn’t take advantage of all available time. I have had people tell me that it is relaxing to watch me do it, too, like other commenters. I really don’t care if other people think it is stupid, but I do find that most people think it is cool, especially kids.


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