please bear with me

I’m editing the appearance of nyac again.  Aside from the fact that I enjoy doing this (can you tell?), I really do have a good reason — I changed the theme so that this blog will be more readable on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  I know that some of you went through the CAL using such devices and I’m only sorry I didn’t do this earlier.  It’ll be done within the next few days!


  1. My best wishes to you! I am woking on my blog for the last 6 weeks – can’t get anything else done and I have STILL work to do. But with all the mistakes, wrong plugins and weird mixups i learn all the things NOT to do and don;t have to repeat it again—I hope.


  2. I am a bit like Beate, when I try to change something I have mixed success and end up learning what does’t work rather than what does. I always end up having to resort to asking my children to help! But loving your new look.


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