yep, it worked; chunky circle scarf #2

In my last post I talked of how I was stressed, and how I was going to pull out a new crochet project.  Well I did, and it’s done.  It de-stressed me so much I couldn’t put it down.  Let me introduce to you the Chunky Circle Scarf 2:

chunky cowl 2 1It is a lovely, plush cowl (worked flat and seamed) from a free pattern (click here), and it took me about 2 1/4 skeins of KnitPicks Brava Bulky in the shade Tranquil.  I’ve actually already made one, but it was in January of 2012 so it was time for another!

The Tranquil shade appears very vibrant in these photos but you can see that the stitch pattern is very, very close to the Catharine wheel pattern from our recent crochet along:

chunky cowl 2 2So basically if you liked that stitch you can make this easily within a few short hours, and it’s definitely worth the multitudes of yarn it requires — it’s SO plush and kooshy — and the KnitPicks Brava Bulky is incredibly soft for an acrylic yarn.  I’d highly recommend it as it is also very decently priced!  By the way, the cowl is folded in half in the picture above so you see only 1/4 of it’s total size.

Most unfortunately I was planning to sell this cowl, but in the pattern the designer states that she’d prefer that the pattern is used for personal use only.  Well, it’ll make someone a great Christmas present!

chunky cowl 2 3I guess that’s all for today!  I’d better get to bed because tomorrow my parents are coming to help me give my new rented house a thorough cleaning before we start bringing in furniture, and I’ll need my energy!  Thanks for stopping by!




  1. That looks lovely Hannah… will have to look in my stash and see what could suit that design 🙂


  2. great cowl, and glad it helped with the stress levels 🙂


  3. Crochet definitely relaxes me too. Good luck with the move. I find a note book handy during such stressful times. When a stressful ‘I must remember to do that’ thought comes into your head, just write it down and then it won’t plague you for the rest of the day/evening/night.


  4. Beautiful scarf! I love the pattern and the color is so cheerful. Hope everything goes smooth with the cleaning and the move.


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