done with the move!

Well, mostly.  A couple of boxes are left to unpack, but all in all I’m very satisfied with our new house.  Zero loves it too!  Here she is sitting on the daybed with my CAL blanket:

zero2That’s her “what are you doing?” face.

zero1She loves the yard so much!  I’m so glad she’s finally happy.  We threw away a LOT of stuff so it’s nice and uncluttered and very roomy inside, as well!

Today is the first day I could post because today is our first day having Internet.  I know I’m spoiled because it was very difficult going without it!  I know I must have used a ton of data on my phone…

I was busy knitting and crocheting, too!  I started crocheting a shawl:

frogged(Yep, no sheets on the daybed at the point that was taken, and yep, I love to sit cross-legged/Indian style.)  As you can see I’m unraveling it to knit a scarf — the pattern was so hard for me to follow!  It’s cheche a la sauce and it was originally in French, so perhaps that was part of the problem.  The beginnings and ends of the rows don’t match up!  I must have been missing something but I could not figure it out, and after hours of re-working and re-working it, trying to get the edges correct, I gave up.  I think I’m giving up on that scarf, too, in favor of something that will take up all 3 balls of yarn I got for that project.

My knitting has much more to show for the effort.  I finished the Bajada scarf for my friend.  It took approximately 18 hours total of very focused knitting to complete, and because of that I don’t think I’ll be making another one (after all, I can whip up a crocheted scarf in an hour and a half).  I also had to write out the pattern row by row to keep track of everything and squinting at the small print in the booklet got old real quick.  It was worth it though:

bajada3It totals at 69 inches (175cm) long and 11.5 inches (29cm) tall at its widest point.


bajada6As you can see, I need to purchase some blocking wires.  They’re just so expensive for little wires (at least on KnitPicks, where I got everything else for relatively cheap), and I keep meaning to just go to a hardware store and get some wires cut for me.  It just hasn’t happened yet.

bajada5I can’t wait for it to dry so that I can mail it to my friend!  I’ll be back up there in a couple of weeks for the yearly Renaissance Fair but I don’t want her to have to wait that long.  I hope she likes it!

The Northern Loop cowl has been my other knitting project.  I’ve been using KnitPicks’ Billow bulky yarn and it is so wonderful to work with!  So very soft, and what gorgeous colors they have available!  I’ll definitely be repurchasing this.  This could be dangerous…  Here’s a bit of my cowl:

northernloop2I’m loving it!  The only thing that was kinda iffy about the pattern was the provisional cast on, but I looked up a tutorial on YouTube and did it easily with a length of crochet chain:

northernloop1Not as bad as I thought it would be!  Grafting it together at the end might be difficult, but I’ll just look up another tutorial for that later.

Well, that’s all the catch-up I have that I can think of right now.  I’m still editing the site so if you see anything that looks crazy (like the site title overlapping with the menu bar or something), please let me know.  I’m unsure how it will look on tablets or really large screens, but I’m trying to learn to use rem spacing instead of pixels in my CSS coding, so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Let me know what ya’ll have been up to while I’ve been away!  I’m trying to catch up with everyone’s news!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I bet you are glad your move is all done now. Zero looks very at home already.


  2. Glad you’re happy in your new home. Hero is absolutely beautiful and I’m so pleased to see a picture of her. I love the way bull breeds have a grumpy stare which totally belies their nature. All your projects look fantastic. I’m missing the CAL btw, when’s the next one 😉 x


    • She’s also excellent at making a pouty face when she doesn’t get what she wants, hehe. I’m honestly missing the CAL too — I was thinking about another one but I have no idea what yet, and for the next one I probably won’t make up the pattern myself. That was a lot of work!


      • I am currently planning a massive project that I am going to try and work like a CAL. I would like to make my sister a king size crochet blanket in really lovely yarn for her 40th birthday (not til August 2015) but as I know it is going to be a lot of work, as well as super expensive, I want to spread it over as many months as possible!


  3. Yay, move over! Well done! Glad to see you’re already back in the saddle, as it were, with knitting and crocheting. The shawl you made for your friend is really stunning 🙂


  4. So nice to hear you are settling into your new home and that Zero like it too, certainly looks happy laid on your lovely CAL blanket. How have you managed to make so many things and move? I love the scarf you have made for your lucky friend, very unusual.


  5. I was also wondering how you had time to knit and crochet in your ‘moving’ period! Anyway,nice to see you posting again.Zero certainly looks content in her new home, hope you will be too. I’ve almost completed my/your Stripey Blanket CAL, 240 stitches, 188 rows and 6 border rows, just sewing in the last few ends, then I will block it and announce my ‘TaDah’ moment. I have really enjoyed doing it Hannah so thank you to you and to my sister over at for telling me about it.


  6. Glad the move went well. The blanket is gorgeous!


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