finished Hermione’s HBP hat

I finished my knitted Hermione HBP hat, the pattern for which is on Ravelry here.  I’m honestly a little disappointed, which is really sad since I spent SO MUCH TIME on this!  I took so much care with the cables and learned new stitches to make the holes and everything, and the hat is short.  I wanted it to come down longer — I wish I could go back and add 10 more rows of the chart pattern.  I guess one drawback of knitting hats bottom up is that you can’t try it on as you go.  Maybe it will stretch?  I hope so — It’s so pretty and I’d so wear it if it was a little longer!


Edit: It’s my fault the hat was short — I was stupidly skipping 2 rows every so often and I skipped a total of 10 rows.  I’m going to have to make this hat again sometime and do it right!


  1. Hannah, your hat is really nice! Very proper and beautiful work!


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