I’ve been busy!

So the semester is coming to a close, and I have one more paper to finish up before I’m done with my second semester of grad school!  I’m so excited for Christmas break, during which I plan to both knit and crochet like mad.  Hopefully that means more posts coming your way!

I’m hoping it actually gets cold here — today it was around 45 but I’d like it to be colder so that I can model more of my creations in public!  I love showing off what I’ve made not because they’re exceptionally good (because they’re really not), but because I made them and they make me happy.  I’ve already given a bunch of simple crocheted hats to my school friends for Christmas — it’s really gratifying to see others wearing things I made!

I’ve actually got some new things to share today.  First off, my sweet baby pitbull, Zero, models her scarf/bow and her granny square sweater.  The sweater was a spur-of-the-moment creation, and it’s meant more to keep her warm than to be stylish, but I figured I’d share anyway.

I was making her sweater instead of doing the homework on the floor beside her:

And finally, I’ve been working on knitting the HBP Hermione hat (pattern available in the ‘knitting corner’ section), so this is where I am, with the real pic to compare:



  1. Hannah, these are so funny and sweet things that you have made for your dog! I just love that they are in Xmas mood! I wonder how will people react when they see your pitbull dressed up in this cuteness 🙂 Scarf is great, while sweater is my favorite!


  2. Hi, I enjoy doggie clothes and your puppy is a lucky one. Are you going to share? My puppy, Bubbles is a Powder Puff Chinese Crested. My daughter just shaved off the puppy’s hair because it is so prone to knots. I can’t find good patterns for jackets. I was going to upload her before and after photos but I don’t seem to be able. So much for myself.
    Your creativity is encouraging and fun. I look forward to your posts just to see what you have created to share.
    Ta Ta for now Cathy the Bagg Lady


    • Your puppy sounds so cute! I’m sure he’d love a sweater — I modeled the one I made after a free pattern I found on LionBrand.com: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/80932AD.html?noImages=&r=1 It’s basically just two granny squares joined together, with a space in the seam for the dog’s front legs. I then crocheted in a circle around the neck, adding some decreases every so often to shape it a little. I didn’t write it down so I can’t post exactly what I did, but I really just made it up as I went. I wish you success in making one for your adorable puppy!


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