summer crochet

The Maeve shrug is still coming along — only about 4 more inches of the band to go and I can bind off.  Unfortunately for productivity the shrug is big, wool, & warm, so I wanted to start some smaller, quicker, cooler projects.

Say hello to my little barrel cactus!

not your average crochet - barrel cactus

Isn’t he cute?  The free crochet pattern is here (although I doubled the stitches per row and the number of rows), and the free crochet pattern for the pink flower I put on top is here.

not your average crochet - barrel cactus

I want to name him something adorable.  There’s also a mini agave plant and a mini saguaro cactus in the works; the trio will help decorate my sad window-less office and make it sorta-kinda seem like there are living things in there… sorta.

not your average crochet - barrel cactus

Speaking of decorating my office, I’ve also started a doily for my very large wooden desk!  The crochet pattern is called “Debbie” and it can be found for $3.99 USD here.

not your average crochet - Debbie doily

It’s worth noting that I’m using my new Clover Amour hooks and I swear I couldn’t get so much done at once if it wasn’t for those awesome handles.  However, I DID have to do the first bit 3 times before getting even close to gauge with different hooks; it calls for a steel 1.75 mm hook but I’m using a 2.75 mm hook instead.  I wonder if the author had a problem with their gauge (which is not very likely), if I have a problem with mine, or if the tapered hooks (instead of my usual inline) are making a difference.  I’ll have to remember to do gauge swatches when using these hooks in the future, just in case.  It’s a fun pattern so far anyhow, with interesting stitches but nothing too hard (at least not yet).

As far as other life stuff goes, I dyed my hair purple & got a side cut, which I love.  Work has been crazy busy but we just passed inspection for the renewal of our accreditation so I’m hoping things will get a bit easier, at least for a little bit.  I think we all need a break, because we’ve all got a bunch of other life junk going on too and we need to practice some self care.

Well, that’s all for today I suppose.  I’ll update with more cacti soon, hopefully, and progress on the doily and the Maeve!  Thanks so much for stopping by, see you soon!

ready for Christmas 2016!

Well, almost…  I got this Annie’s Attic pamphlet for about $8 counting shipping on Ebay:


Springtime Schmingtime (does that work?), I’m using these for Christmas ornaments that I will give as gifts next year, since I’m too late for this year.  I was inspired by these gorgeous creations and I aim to get close to those, although I still have some supplies to buy.  Well, all I have are the pins, actually, so I’ll need the beads, ribbons, crochet thread, and ornaments.

And speaking of, where on earth do I buy 3″ satin ornaments?  I found some old ones for sale on Etsy in a gold color and I found some on Wal-Mart’s website, but that’s it!

Another question: these patterns call for size #30 crochet thread and a #11 steel hook.  Well, I have a #12 steel hook and a 1.15mm steel hook, do you think one of those would work?  Also there’s some really pretty #10 crochet thread that I’d like to buy for this, but would that be too much of a difference?  I’ve never really done thread work before so any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks a bunch, and thanks so much for stopping by!  See you soon!

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