ready for Christmas 2016!

Well, almost…  I got this Annie’s Attic pamphlet for about $8 counting shipping on Ebay:


Springtime Schmingtime (does that work?), I’m using these for Christmas ornaments that I will give as gifts next year, since I’m too late for this year.  I was inspired by these gorgeous creations and I aim to get close to those, although I still have some supplies to buy.  Well, all I have are the pins, actually, so I’ll need the beads, ribbons, crochet thread, and ornaments.

And speaking of, where on earth do I buy 3″ satin ornaments?  I found some old ones for sale on Etsy in a gold color and I found some on Wal-Mart’s website, but that’s it!

Another question: these patterns call for size #30 crochet thread and a #11 steel hook.  Well, I have a #12 steel hook and a 1.15mm steel hook, do you think one of those would work?  Also there’s some really pretty #10 crochet thread that I’d like to buy for this, but would that be too much of a difference?  I’ve never really done thread work before so any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks a bunch, and thanks so much for stopping by!  See you soon!


  1. Hi Hannah! #30 crochet thread is VERY fine…almost like sewing thread. That’s why they call for a #11 hook. IF you find the super fine thread it’s alright if you want to use your #12 hook. Just don’t crochet quite as tight. Now, if you decide to try making one with the #10 thread, which is the standard sized thread, you will find that the ornament drape will be quite large! Just looking at the cover pick of the pamphlet shows me that. The stitches are very tiny in that photo. Also, since you are like me and wear glasses, you might want to invest into a magnifying glass that either sits on a stand or hangs around your neck and rests on your chest where work is done underneath. Of course you could invest into magnifying glasses too. 🙂 Oh! The typical sized hook for work with #10 crochet thread is usually a #6. Some folk prefer a size #7.
    Ultimately, I would suggest making the most simple pattern on a trial run with your #12 hook and a pretty sewing thread. See how that turns out and make a decision from there. Satin balls….look on Mary Maxim, Cut Rate Crafts, Michael’s, Joann’s. Or do a Google search for suppliers. Keep in mind that you could use glass or plastic if you want. The satin balls are actually styrofoam inside 🙂 Those are used if the points are pinned into place.
    Merry Christmas!!


    • Thank you so much for your suggestions, that’s very helpful! So I probably shouldn’t try the #10 thread unless I plan on seriously altering the pattern. I’ll do as you suggest with the sewing thread, that’s a good way to test it out, and the magnifying glass is a great idea, too! Thanks so much!


  2. Those baubles look like eggs. There’s another idea!


  3. Cynthia Rose says:

    PeabuttonsMom is right on. There is nothing that I can add. Would love to see what you make. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


  4. Pssst! Next year is 2016…

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    • Hahahahaha you’re so right, I’ve got my years mixed up already! This is no good… I keep forgetting how old I am, too! Keep telling people I’m 25 instead of 27! Thanks for the correction! 🙂


  5. Try the threads, try the hooks. You can make just about any thing work with minor adjustments.


  6. These are beautiful! But I know for sure that I could never crochet them. Way too fine for my crochet tension. I can’t wait to see yours. I know they will be lovely.


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