black friday yarn

Some yarn buying happened yesterday, but not in a store. In fact, I don’t think there is a LYS at all in my city. KnitPicks, however, was having a sale (and still is), and it was impossible to resist.

I decided to try a new yarn, hoping for some motivation and inspiration, and the Hawthorne line caught my eye. The Hawthorne yarn is a fingering/sock weight yarn and is composed of 80% superwash fine highland wool and 20% nylon, and every colorway is gorgeous! I hope it’s soft, too, because I got 6 skeins.

Here are pictures of the colorways I purchased:







Aren’t they lovely? I can’t wait to receive them and get to work on some projects!

Have you ever tried this line of KnitPicks yarn? If so, what did you think?

That’s all for today, I think. Thank you for stopping by!

something new, and I’m selling

Check it out, it’s my first quilt ever!

It’s a rather shabby chic style that I was dying to try, and I think it turned out well.  OK so my binding isn’t exactly wrinkle-free, but actually I think it adds to the kinda shabby look.  It’s a baby quilt, and it’s about 27″ x 27″ (or about 69cm square), so it’s not very big, but since it was my first one I wanted to make sure I could do it before making a larger size.

And here’s the machine I used.  A 1949 Singer, whose claim to fame was the fact that it was electric and that it has a backstitch option.  Very advanced, I know.  I actually really love this machine, but after making a quilt on it I feel like it would be easier to sew quilts on a newer machine.  That’s out of my budget right now though, so I’ll keep using this baby!

The white fabric is flannel, the thread is cotton, and the squares are, I believe, all cotton as well.  The batting (1″ loft and very plush) is polyester.  The picture above was before I washed it.  The raw edges of the squares are a little more unraveled after being washed, which was the point for me (that’s what I loved about this particular way of quilting).

There it is washed (sorry for the bad lighting).  You can see the edges are a little frayed.  I love it.

And there’s the finished/washed product again.  I’m really proud of it, even though it’s small.

The reason I made this is because I’m thinking of making baby quilts to sell.  Would anybody be interested in a custom baby quilt?  I could make any color combo desired, and I could make any future quilts over 30″ square ( a little bigger than this one).  We could negotiate a price depending on what materials you want.  After some practice making baby quilts I would love to try larger sizes, but that may be a while.

Actually, I’m willing to sell this one.  For it to be worth what I paid for the materials plus shipping, I’m asking $60.  Any takers?  It would also look pretty in a crib, on the back of a recliner, on a wall, in the car, or as a play mat.  Machine washable and dryable.  This is cheaper than many others that you may find online because it is my first one and I’m still getting used to the technique and the machine.  If anybody wants it, please comment on this post to claim it and e-mail me your address at  Thanks for visiting today!

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