a pretty pattern and good advice

While browsing the Internet for lovely crochet patterns, I came across a rug, which appears in Simply Crochet magazine.  I want to buy Issue #13 just for it!  Dunno where in my home it would go, but that’s OK, right?  It’s sooooo pretty!

The good advice is from Slugs on the Refrigerator, and it’s about lifelines in knitting.  What are lifelines, you ask?  They are a way to keep you from having to rip really far back in your knitting if you make a mistake.  Essentially, they save your sanity.  I will be doing this from now on in almost all of my knitting projects!  Click the link above to go to the blog and read the article for yourself and discover the benefits of making lifelines.

Well that’s all for today!  See you again soon!

rug thing

Is it a rug?  Is it a table accessory?  I have no idea.  It was modeled after a rug I found on Pinterest, but since it’s small it would work on a table, too. Not sure what to do with it, or even whether or not to give it as a Christmas present, as intended.  Made with Caron Simply Soft.  Used the hexagon pattern at attic24.

Aaaaand, my boyfriend made me some Christmas cookies, so I added a pic of them too.  Yummy!

another pet play mat

I actually made this one for our pet — it’s in front of her kennel.  It’s made of cheap Red Heart yarn so it won’t be a big deal if she poops or vomits on it, and it matches the wall hangings I made.  Made with dc stitches and the joined row circle pattern with an additional ruffled edging.

pet play mat

Straight out of “The Cool Girl’s Guide to Crochet,” which I mention in the ‘books worth buying’ section of my site.  I just changed the colors and my dog is actually not allowed on it — it’s a rug to me.

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