a little project

I saw a cool pincusion pattern on ravelry!  But it’s a knitted pincushion.  I didn’t want for it to take forever, so I quickly improvised my own pincushion that is almost exactly the same, but crocheted.  I used a US7 hook and some Caron Simply Soft, and I’m pretty happy with my results:

Mine kinda looks like a happy cupcake or something… It’s stable though, and definitely will be useful.  If anybody is interested in making this crocheted pincushion, please leave a comment letting me know and I’ll write something up real quick.

Thanks for stopping by!

sweater progress

As a break for my fingers from the killer blanket in progress, I started the sweater that everyone suggested after my last post.

But so far I’ve just got this:

It’s the back panel and the front 2 panels sewn together.  Now I’ve just got the sleeves and the collar/rest of the bodice.  I’m regretting using the Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool simply because the tweedy look hides the pretty shells and little lacy panels.

It fits though (so far), so hopefully it will look really awesome when I’m done.  We’ll see.  If it doesn’t, I’ll make another sweater!  It’s coming along so fast that I figure I’ll have enough time to do something else before Christmas…

another pet play mat

I actually made this one for our pet — it’s in front of her kennel.  It’s made of cheap Red Heart yarn so it won’t be a big deal if she poops or vomits on it, and it matches the wall hangings I made.  Made with dc stitches and the joined row circle pattern with an additional ruffled edging.

my first blanket ever

This is the first blanket/afghan I ever made, and it was for a school project.  I used cheap, chunky, and somewhat ugly yarn and dc stitches.  It comfortably covers a twin bed when unfolded, and it’s very warm!

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