can you help me with this?

OK so I’m working on knitting my Maeve shrug and I’m loving it so far, but I have an issue with increases & I need help!  My row gauge was slightly off meaning I had to pick up a different number of sts evenly to begin the band.  You can see here my progress so far on that:


For the increase row I’m supposed to k1-f/b after every 8 knit sts for a total of 24 increases, but my stitch count, 238, doesn’t allow that (I had to pick up 2 sts, sk 1 st all the way around so there’s not a whole lot of extra stretch yet).  I could increase after every 6th st (34 increases total) or after every 13th st (17 increases total).  Increasing after every 13th stitch would give me the closest # of increases to what’s written, but if the band already doesn’t have much stretch, should I increase more to compensate?

What do you think?  Thanks a bunch for your help!  See you soon!

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