can you help me with this?

OK so I’m working on knitting my Maeve shrug and I’m loving it so far, but I have an issue with increases & I need help!  My row gauge was slightly off meaning I had to pick up a different number of sts evenly to begin the band.  You can see here my progress so far on that:


For the increase row I’m supposed to k1-f/b after every 8 knit sts for a total of 24 increases, but my stitch count, 238, doesn’t allow that (I had to pick up 2 sts, sk 1 st all the way around so there’s not a whole lot of extra stretch yet).  I could increase after every 6th st (34 increases total) or after every 13th st (17 increases total).  Increasing after every 13th stitch would give me the closest # of increases to what’s written, but if the band already doesn’t have much stretch, should I increase more to compensate?

What do you think?  Thanks a bunch for your help!  See you soon!


  1. Karen Bavouset says:

    Hanna, sorry but I do not knit, only crochet. Hopefully someone else can help you.


  2. gentlestitches says:

    Hi , I think changing needle size is the best way to compensate for gauge discrepancies because altering the pattern can get tricky. However keeping your increases consistant (as you are) should work but I dont think extra increases is necessarily the way to go. It looks gorgeous and I hope this helps. ☺


  3. Hey, longtime fan of your blog. I don’t own the pattern, so not positive how it’s written, but just based on what you told me, you will probably want to do enough increases to get to the total stitch count the pattern wants for that row. And space them evenly, of course. As the knitter above suggested, if you are not getting enough stretch as you knit farther out from the body, you could go up a needle size and that would help as well.


  4. First off, what beautiful knitting. Second, you have had some good advice from other commentators here. My only additional suggestion is to think about whether the pattern means you to knit the additional stitches between the 8th and 9th stitch each time. That is to say, pick up the thread that runs between stitches in the gap between the needles with the left needle (from front to back on the RS) and then K front and back in that loop. I can’t easily do the mental gymnastics required to work out whether this would give the right number of stitches – you will be able to do that yourself. But it should add in additional stretch. I hope this all makes sense, but here’s a link to some related instructions… 🙂


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