surprise appearance in “Inside Crochet”

A follower of NYAC’s facebook page alerted me today that I am in the 50th issue of “Inside Crochet!”


I was astonished (not the least because I’d had no idea about it) and immediately bought the issue on my iPad.  Sure enough, there on page 6 was a small blurb about the as-we-go stripey blanket that was the focus of our first crochet along!  I’m sincerely honored.  There’s another CAL going on right now following the pattern (only it’s translated into Dutch), and I believe it’s #crochetalong2014 on Instagram.  The blog for that current Dutch CAL is here.

Of course I’m very excited to be in a magazine, but I do wish the magazine had contacted me first so that I could have given credit to Julie over at Little Woolie — her blanket was the inspiration for mine and they are, after all, pretty similar.  I almost feel like it’s cheating, being in the magazine when she’s not given credit.  Well, she’s getting credit here; her blanket is amazing and she’s a great inspiration (she’s also a really nice person!).

Well, that’s my fun announcement for the day.  I haven’t been crocheting or knitting at all in the past week so there’s nothing else really going on, but hopefully there will be soon.  I’ve actually written up a new little Spring pattern that I will be sharing in the near future!  Hope to see you back soon!

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