a new project

I do believe I’m starting something new, thanks to Simply Crochet’s new app for iPhone/iPad (they might have it for other platforms too, but I’m not sure).


That’s a screenshot from my iPad and as you can see, there is already a basic pattern up. Every week there will be a new granny square pattern (not sure for how many weeks) and it includes a list of materials, the pattern, and a nice big chart for your crocheting convenience. Oh and did I mention it’s free? I think I’m going to do this and connect the squares as I go to make a blanket/throw… or maybe I should connect them all at the end since we don’t know how many there will be…
I am in no way sponsored to say these things to promote the app — I just thought it’s pretty cool! And since there’s just one pattern up so far there’s still time to hop on board if you want to!
Thanks for stopping by!

potholder madness!

Yes, I made another one!  Made with Caron Simply Soft (100% acrylic yarn), this will be just a decoration — I won’t actually use it because I don’t want to melt it.  This one’s a simple granny square backed with a square made of double crochet.

Sticking with my Cath Kidston-y colors!  I love it so much!

Sorry if you think potholders are boring, and are therefore tired of my multiple potholder posts.  I just think they’re so homey and quaint (in the best sense)!  I might make one more out of the same colors so that I have three that match and can hang them in a group.

finished the flower sunburst granny blanket

My flower sunburst granny square afghan is complete!  Made from Berroco Vintage Chunky, it’s super heavy and thick, so I know it will be toasty (although I’ll never use this yarn for a blanket again — it’s perfect in every way except that it’s too expensive).  It covers a double bed, but the picture below is taken on a queen so you can see it all flat with the cute ruffly border I added.  This has been my most expensive afghan, but it might just be the one I’m most proud of, too.  Here are the finished pictures.

I hope you like it as much as I do!  Now off to make some tea…

done joining squares!

I’m finished joining my afghan squares!  Turns out it is a little smaller than I thought it would be, probably due to my usage of a smaller hook to sc the squares together (which was done on the back of the piece).  I meant to have nice tight joins but I overdid it a bit and it shrunk the overall size of the thing.  I have a feeling it will stretch out with usage — it’s a very heavy blanket!  I still have to add the border, so I’m not finished yet, but I wanted to share my progress with you because I’m excited to be done with joining the squares (usually the most tedious part of afghans, in my opinion).  So here are the pictures!

You can see in that first one where I’ve been sitting on the edge, listening to The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey on iTunes (which is a very good book, by the way).

And there you can see the joins close up!  I think it looks pretty neat, if I do say so myself.  🙂  Now on to put on the border!


I’m so excited that I’m done with my blanket squares!  Here they are all laid out on our queen size futon/bed so you can get a good perspective.  I’m so pumped to share with you!

Aren’t they great?  I’m so proud!  I’ll crochet the ends in when I slip stitch the squares together, and I’m also planning on adding a decent sized border.  The blanket was only supposed to cover a double bed, but I think it’ll cover the queen nicely, don’t you?

Hopefully I’ll get started on putting the squares together soon — I can’t wait to finish!

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