potholder madness!

Yes, I made another one!  Made with Caron Simply Soft (100% acrylic yarn), this will be just a decoration — I won’t actually use it because I don’t want to melt it.  This one’s a simple granny square backed with a square made of double crochet.

Sticking with my Cath Kidston-y colors!  I love it so much!

Sorry if you think potholders are boring, and are therefore tired of my multiple potholder posts.  I just think they’re so homey and quaint (in the best sense)!  I might make one more out of the same colors so that I have three that match and can hang them in a group.


  1. I’ve used acrylic yarn for potholders for years and never had one melt unless it got right into the gas flame (DUH!). I’ve taken pans out of a 400 degree oven without a problem.


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