answers, thrumming, and a full day

The local public library in my new town is HUGE — I got a library card and immediately went to the knitting section too see if I could find the books some of you recommended that I check out after my last post (when I asked about double knitting).  The books suggested were not there, but I found this:

IMG_2352It’s a very large and heavy book written pretty recently, and it does indeed have a little section about double knitting — turns out the recommended way to cast on for double knitting is the tubular cast on, which is also good for k1p1 ribbing.  Yay answers!

The book, however, did not have a section on thrumming, which I learned about the other day and REALLY want to try.  I’d never heard of it, so I’m going to take the chance that some of you might not know and explain what it is.  Thrumming is when you work short pieces of wool into the stitches of a knitted object, such as a mitten or a hat, so that the loose ends are on the inside and provide ultimate insulation.  They usually make some sort of dotted pattern on the surface, and you don’t have to tie them off or anything because the loose wool fibers entwine on the inside and keep everything in place.  Click here for a photo example of thrummed mittens on the inside, and for a tutorial on how to do it.

Thrummed mittens would be completely unnecessary here in South Carolina (unless I decided to camp on a mountain with no fire for days on end), but I might make some anyway just for the fun of it.  If I don’t end up doing that, I’ll eventually try to make a similar pair of mittens to the ones pictured above (the pattern looks like a good one for a first pair).  You can apparently even use the thrumming technique with crochet!  Have any of you tried thrumming before?  If so, what was your experience with it?

My day did not start off well — I woke up late for something important, which was very embarrassing and did not at all look good.  Then I got my first allergy shots at my new clinic here in town.  After that was the library trip, which made the day better, then dinner at Panera Bread (it’s one of the few restaurants that’s not awkward when you go alone).  Once I’d been home for a little bit, some Mormons came knocking door to door to talk about their beliefs, and I didn’t want to be rude so I talked to them for a while (even though I’m not interested in becoming a Mormon).  They were nice but it was a little weird.

Well, that’s all for right now.  I’m off to browse through Ravelry and maybe start a knitted hat for a Christmas present.  See you next time!



need some advice & life update

Hello everyone!  Do you know anything about double knitting?  I’ve never made anything by double knitting before, so I don’t know how to do the cast on edge properly or the decreases on the inside layer of, say, a hat.  Any recommendations?  I believe there are probably many ways to do it, but what do you think is best?

I thought about just knitting a regular top-down hat and then switching colors at the end, going on to create a mirrored bottom-up hat that’s attatched tot he first, making a bullet shape.  Then I could just flip one of them inside the other and get the same effect!  That seems like taking the easy way out, though, and I want to at least know how to do it properly before choosing how I want to do it.

In other news, I finally got a job!  Yippee!  A real, full time job in the counseling field)!  It’s at a nonprofit place nearby that predominantly does psychosocial rehabilitation, I believe, serving a majority of bipolar and schizophrenic clients that have been referred for this specific kind of help.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing precisely, so I’m incredibly nervous.  Something was mentioned about a caseload of about 15 a week and groups of up to 50 people.  I think I’m going to freeze up from nerves, I really do (because I myself have social anxiety which often makes coherent speech in front of strangers nigh impossible, turns my face into a beet, and makes me forget what I’m doing).  Mom says, however, that there will surely be a short training period so that I can get settled in.  I think I am going to go through some of my more relevant textbooks from grad school and refresh my knowledge and skills base, just in case.  I swear, I’m more nervous now than I was when I was waiting to hear yes or no!  I start on the 18th so the next week and a half will be nerve wracking, I’m sure.  Time to pull out some distracting activities (or as we say in the counseling field, coping skills)!

Thanks for stopping by — I hope to see you back again soon!

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