a day in my life

If you were ever curious about what my days consist of, this will not be a very good example.  I picked what I thought would be an average day to do this, not realizing that it wouldn’t be an “ordinary” day at all…

I get out of bed at 7:00.  To me, that’s early, and I need tea to wake up properly.


The dog is usually laying on my feet when I wake up:



After I quickly get ready, my ride to work is usually about 13 minutes, unless this happens:



And in Columbia, SC, that’s a common occurrance.  Especially near my house, which is close to a major train yard.  The worst is when they stop on the tracks — I always feel guilty when I’m late to work because of that.

I can’t really show pictures of what I do at work for confidentiality reasons, but I’m an LPC-I (a licensed counseling intern, which after 2 years will become a full LPC license) working at a clubhouse style day program that focuses on psychosocial rehabilitation for adults with serious mental illnesses.  It’s a hard job sometimes with the overwhelming amout of things to do (we’re currently understaffed) but it’s also rewarding in its own ways.

Most days when I get home it’s just me and the dog because my fiance works late, so I’m trying to spend that time productively by taking care of myself physically (I’m starting to jog) and mentally (using coping skills).  This is my corner of the living room:


I like to watch movies or TV shows or listen to audiobooks while I knit & crochet, or sometimes I’ll sit here and read or take a nap.

This day was special — in the evening Chris made homemade biscuits and whipped cream and we had strawberry shortcake with strawberries straight from a local farm that my mom gave us:



This was essentially my dinner, and we ate while catching up on one of our favorite TV shows:



A few rows of blanket knitting were accomplished, as well:



And the day continued to get more unusual… Roofers had been working on the back half of our roof the previou week — just some routine maintenance — but they dropped a pallet of shingles through the ceiling in our back room (where we keep the fridge, washer, dryer, 3 bookcases full of books, my sewing machine, a big wooden desk, & Zero’s kennel).  Strips of ceiling and insulation are hanging down a bit from the split the shingles made when they fell, and while I was knitting happily, Chris informed me that the storm outside was causing water to leak into that same back room.  He poked holes in the ceiling in a few places so that he could catch the water in buckets rather than it just rolling down the walls onto the floor, and we moved all of our books and bookcases into the dining rooom:



We’ve called the landlord multiple times about the leaking water but he didn’t pick up and hasn’t responded to our messages (he already knew about the hole in the ceiling and is sending someone in a few days, but we need it to be quick now with the water damage added on — it’s super humid back there and smells awful).  I’m getting pretty mad about it, to be honest.  In the meantime I’m just taking lots of extra allergy medicine so that hopefully the mildew and mold from the water damage won’t get to me too much.

So, that was a not-so-average day in my life! Hope it didn’t bore you to tears — I know I’m not that exciting but sometimes I really like it that way.  🙂

Thanks for stopping  by, hope to see you soon!

CAL progress and a life update

Hey everyone!  This is just a post to express my appreciation for everyone who is participating in the CAL.  I’m very surprised and honored by the turnout!  And everyone seems to be enjoying what we’ve done so far (at least I hope so!).

Just as a reminder, you can post pictures of your progress on the facebook page or the Ravelry group page, and if you’re on Instagram you can use the hashtag #nyaccal to show what you’ve done!  And don’t be shy if you have questions or problems — I know these stitches can be tricky and if you’re stumped I’d love to try to help!

I’ve been so excited about the CAL that I’ve already made the post for this upcoming Saturday.  I scheduled it to be published at 00:01 Saturday morning (Eastern Standard Time).  Would you like a teaser preview picture?  Here’s one of the steps of a certain stitch we haven’t done yet:


Hopefully that didn’t give too much away!  It’s not enough for anyone to go off of so I’m afraid you can’t really rush ahead.  😉

Anyway, thanks again for everyone participating and also for everyone observing our progress.

I also wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers concerning my friends in the Oklahoma storms and also concerning me finding a job.  It means a lot.  My friends are all fine, thank goodness.  There still hasn’t been a job opportunity available for me to take in the counseling field (or a full time job that I’ve applied for that’s not in my field), but I did pass the NCE (that test I was so worried about at the beginning of May)!

I have, however, found a temporary sort of job working on a food truck.  My boyfriend, who is a sous chef, naturally has a head chef at his restaurant.  The head chef has a girlfriend who is also a chef (I’m surrounded by amazing cooks!) and it’s her food truck that I’m working on.  It’s not every day but it will hopefully be enough to pay bills!  That’s exciting in itself, and it’s an added bonus that it’s really fun!  The food truck is a mobile restaurant called The Herban Legend, and the food is “international street food.”  I’ve tried most everything, from the shawarma to the Chicago dog to the gazpacho, and it’s all amazing!  We go to breweries and events such as concerts or parties around Charlotte.  The heat is a bit rough — it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside the other day (32 degrees Celsius, I believe), so add the additional heat that builds up inside a vehicle in the summer and then add the heat from a flat-top grill and a fryer and, well, you get the idea.  I sweat so much that my clothes stick to me and the Band-Aids covering the blisters on my ankles are just sliding right off, haha.  Despite the heat, I have a great time with the lovely chef I’m working with and it’s really nice to be doing something to earn money!  I’m very much enjoying it.

Anyway, that’s enough about me.  As always, thanks for stopping by, and that next CAL post should automatically pop up Saturday morning (I’ll check it, just to be safe).  Bye everyone!

finished just in time

In my last post I told you that I was making a cowl for a friend visiting from England, but that there were only 3 days in which to make it.  The deadline was met!


Yep, I finished it in the car on the way to see her.  It’s not as thick as I would have liked but I simply ran out of time.  Good thing I used the crocheted linen stitch instead of trying to do the knit linen stitch, which would have taken much longer!



Since the strips of color in the yarn weren’t very long, it looks more like a rainbow camouflage than I had hoped, but it is still very pretty and my friend loved it!

And, since she’s from England, my chef boyfriend Chris decided to do a Southern dinner for her!  We started off with mini crab cakes with jumbo lump crab meat and a dill sauce (no picture for those).  Then we had a low country boil.  Now I should explain a bit about this Southern tradition:  the low country boil is, I believe, unique to the coastal area (aka “low country”) of South Carolina and traditionally includes corn, red potatoes, some kind of sausage, and shrimp.  These ingredients are all boiled together in one pot (often outdoors over a propane burner) with bay leaves or bay seasoning of some sort, strained, and then dumped right onto the PVC coated table cloth.  Well, we did ours inside and didn’t dump everything on the table, but here’s what it looks like (after 6 servings have been taken out):

low country boil


It’s a messy meal because the shrimp aren’t peeled yet and you eat everything with your fingers, but it’s very, very tasty!  Chris also made some homemade butter (with some herbs I can’t remember mixed in) for the corn and potatoes.

Then he made dessert: mini apple pie tarts!  But these were no ordinary tarts: the crust was puff pastry, the apple pie mixture was fresh apples, apple sauce, and bourbon, and there were two unusual additions.  A baked cheese cracker was added, along with candied bacon that Chris made his own rub for.  It was AMAZING:

bacon apple tart


I must say it looked better in real life — you know, I’m sure, that it’s hard to photograph food.  But it was very delicious and I was so proud of Chris!  Everyone loved all of it!

Hopefully we’ll get to see our visiting friend again before she leaves, but she’s headed to the mountains for a few days with the person she’s staying with, so we’ll see.

Well, that’s all for today.  There’s another post lined up but it can wait until later tonight/tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by!


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