crochet clamshell blanket: 2 reps done!

Last time I posted about this blanket, I mentioned how fast it works up.  I miiiiight have just been overexcited about finally starting a crochet project — it seems like it’s taking more time now.  I’ve got two reps of the colors done:

crochet clamshell blanket: 2 color reps done

As you can see I decided to not jumble the colors up throughout the blanket.  I like it so far!  I do kinda wish I had incorporated the purple into the body of the blanket and saved a different color for the border, but that’s OK.

Well that’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

crochet clamshell blanket: colors

How do you decide on what order to use your colors?

crochet clamshell blanket colorsI like to try to evenly space dark and light colors, cool and warm colors, and colors in the same family, but that’s not always easy!  Each color in this blanket (except for the purple that’s for the border) has now been used once, and it’s time to decide whether to repeat this color pattern or do like I did in the as-we-go stripey blanket and mix them up while still trying to follow those “rules.”  Decisions, decisions.

This is a very enjoyable pattern; it looks great, is easy to memorize, isn’t too hard on the hands, works up relatively quickly, and is totally unique!

Will update with more soon.  Thanks for stopping by!



crochet clamshell blanket: begin!

Finally, something crochet to share with you!  I’ve started a blanket using the clamshell tutorial from Cherry Hart (click here for free pattern).  This has been on the to-do list literally for years!

clamshell blanket beginnings
So far, so good.  I changed a couple things in the pattern: I did a foundation sc rather than a chain and row of sc, and I’m using a different stitch when the pattern says to ch 3 at the beginning of a row, just to make it look neater.  The pattern is not hard to memorize and is easy to work.

Here’s the color palette I’m working with:
clamshell blanket palette
It’s KnitPicks’ Brava Sport yarn, which is really soft. I think the dark purple will be for a border.

Well that’s all for now.  There’ll be an update soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

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