crochet clamshell blanket: 2 reps done!

Last time I posted about this blanket, I mentioned how fast it works up.  I miiiiight have just been overexcited about finally starting a crochet project — it seems like it’s taking more time now.  I’ve got two reps of the colors done:

crochet clamshell blanket: 2 color reps done

As you can see I decided to not jumble the colors up throughout the blanket.  I like it so far!  I do kinda wish I had incorporated the purple into the body of the blanket and saved a different color for the border, but that’s OK.

Well that’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. nicolaknits says:

    It looks lovely and will be very warm and cosy. Happy crocheting!


  2. This is looking fabulous! I wish I could have planned a little better before my surgery last week and started an afghan like this. I will have to find the pattern and make myself a note to create this one. I love the clam shell stitches and your colors fit together nicely.


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