Chunky Circle Scarf #6?!

Yep, my 6th one, although this one was  not joined in the end to make a circle but was made slightly longer for a regular scarf instead of a cowl.  This was made for another coworker of mine who saw the one I made for my first coworker and loved it.


This one used about 240g of yarn.  The yarn is Cascade Yarns Eco Alpaca in Charcoal Twist, and let me tell you this yarn is some of the softest I’ve ever used, ever.  So soft that it’s hard to tie off because the fibers are so slippery.  And made into a pattern like this, it’s certainly cushy and feels very luxurious!


That is it folded into 4 layers.

The only thing I don’t like is that I think it’s too short.  I almost hate to give it to my coworker since she’s even paying for the yarn but I don’t think I can face undoing the whole thing and starting all over.  Hopefully it will stretch some.


The Catherine wheel pattern is visible with this yarn but looks slightly less distinguishable than it does in completely solid yarn. I hope that’s OK with my coworker, too, but she wanted shades of grey so I think it’s what she wanted.

Well, that’s all for today, see you soon!

FO: chunky circle scarf #5!

Yep, my 5th one is done! (Pattern here.)  This one’s for a coworker who wanted a large grey one, so I made it extra wide (11″ unstretched) and extra long (78″ unstretched), so it’ll wrap around three times.  Granted there’s not much ease, but with some mild stretching — not even blocking — it should give enough.

Not Your Average Crochet's Chunky Circle Scarf

That’s it.  Folded in half.  The whole thing wouldn’t lay flat in a picture.  I used 5.24 skeins of Berroco Vintage in Smoke (you hold 2 strands together at the same time), so I only needed to buy 6 after all, not 8, but I won’t charge my coworker for the unused 2.  I really do love Berroco Vintage even after years of using it so I’m sure I’ll find a good use for it.

Here’s a closeup, although the color is too light — the first photo is accurate:

Not Your Average Crochet's Chunky Circle Scarf

I also clearly really love this pattern, to make 5, and as I mentioned in my last post there’s a 6th in the works; another coworker wants one and she’s picked the yarn but I haven’t ordered it yet.

It makes me really happy that people ask me to make them things (#4 was requested, as well).  Makes me feel like I do a good job, that I make stylish things, and that it’s all worth the price I have to ask for for the yarn.  I do charge for labor, too… sometimes…  If I kinda owe someone a favor I’ll just ask for the yarn cost, like the intern who received #4.  She helped me so much during her time at my job that I wanted to thank her, and that’s how I did it.  Can’t keep doing that for everyone, though, even though I don’t necessarily mind — my wallet minds.  The coworker #5 is for reminded me that my time has value, too, and of course she’s right (although I think if I charged retail price for items nobody would ever ask me to make them anything again).  Someone also recently asked me through e-mail if she could pay me to make her an as-we-go stripes blanket, but I haven’t responded yet. I have so many things I want to make and while I don’t mind making quick projects for coworkers I’m not sure I want to start selling larger items to the general public, at least I’m not sure if I want to do that now; maybe in the future if I have more time at some point that could be an option (but if kids come along that’ll be a bazillion years).

So according to my New Year’s resolution to make 25 items this year, I’m doing really well already — this was #5 to be completed (although I haven’t shared two of them here yet because they’re for a pattern I’m releasing and I want to do that at the same time).  Hopefully I can keep this up…

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you soon!

chunky circle scarf #4!

This cowl pattern is great and works up quickly (which is why I’ve made 4!).  It’s pretty much Catherine wheels, and it took me one evening to complete.  I used KnitPicks Stroll Glimmer in Frost and the Navajo 3-Ply Technique and I added a pattern repeat to make it a little longer, but I should have done more.  This will be gifted to a very small person!


Here’s a closeup so you can see the sparkles (forgive the color being a bit off):


This is a great last-minute Holiday gift if you’ve still got some work to do, but also makes a warm soft treat for yourself!  It is a wool-eater project though — you’ll need lots of yarn!  I guess that just means it’s also good for stash-busting.  Win-win!

Do you have all your Holiday gift projects done?

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!

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